British Domestic Shorthair

British Domestic Shorthair

The British Shorthair is the most popular pedigree breed of cat in the UK. It is also one of the most ancient, potentially dating back as far as the first century AD.

It’s likely that when the Romans invaded Britain in 55 B.C, they brought with them their domestic cats. These went on to breed with European cats; the result of which became the British Shorthair as we know it today.

It’s possible that the breed’s ancestors also include the Persian cat, which was added to the gene pool later to improve coat thickness. A large and robust cat with a short, dense coat, the British Shorthair hasn’t changed much from the initial type.

Its gentle and loving nature, along with its inherent hardiness and sound health, made it a popular choice with all groups of people, and in the nineteenth century selective breeding of the British Shorthair began in earnest to harness these desirable traits.

Often described as the ‘most laid-back breed of cat,’ British Shorthairs are known to get along well with children and other pets, and are happy to live exclusively indoors if given company.

Despite pictures of British Shorthairs often depicting the blue variety of cat, they come in many colour variations, including cream, chocolate, black, silver, cinnamon, red and fawn. They also come in tabby and tortie varieties.


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20170131 05:21 pm
Warwickshire , United Kingdom

I own a British short haired called Kingsley he is 18months old he is the most loving cat l have ever had he's such a character always gives me kisses and loves cuddles

20170719 09:53 pm
Hampshire, United Kingdom

Poppy was going to a rescue centre the next day if I hadn't heard about her needing a new home. She was quite timid and I think she had been teased by children at her old home. Now she is loving, confident and friendly with everyone at the retirement flats where I live. She is very 'chatty' and never fails to let me know when she wants her meals or treats.

20120909 12:11 am
Essex, United Kingdom

Loving, easy to look after, affectionate but do not like being picked up - prefer all four paws on the ground! Not vocal or demanding, love having their bellies stroked while laying on their backs with all legs up in the air!
Purrfect companions.

20171211 08:28 pm
United Kingdom

'Babu' Babushka Cheshire was welcomed in to our home on 06/12/17. She has settled in surprisingly well, only hiding under the bed on the first night. Since then, she's sat on every surface to sleep, clean and purr on and has nominated kitchen as her favourite spot, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, whilst us humans walk around her. Needless to say, Babu has shown her approval to stay and enjoys playing games, being stroke. I came across non-grain food for Persian cats, has any body with British Shorthair owners ever used this product? Your thoughts would be greatly received.