The Beagle originates from...

In existence for over 2,000 years, the name 'Beagle' was originally applied generically to all variations of smaller hound, which would have differed greatly from the modern Beagle we now know. Primarily bred for pack hunting hare, pheasant and various other small game, the Beagle was a favourite amongst royalty, reputedly owned by Edward II, Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth I. Achieving great popularity in its early development, the Beagle has never really lost this, and remains one of the most popular of canine breeds in the United States and Canada. Whilst still utilised in hunting, it is currently favoured as a family pet.

The Beagle is characterised by...

Due to its keen hunting and tracking instinct, sharp senses and versatility, the modern Beagle is progressively used in policing, utilising its strong sense of smell for the purposes of illegal drug and explosives detection. Alongside the Bloodhound, the Beagle has the most developed natural senses, which when combined with its inherent boldness, vigilance and stamina, makes it the ideal, all-round policing companion. The Beagle is recognisable for its muscular frame, large eyes and natural tricolouring, common in variations of white, tan, red-brown and black. Beagles are also known for their distinctive howl, most apparent when pack hunting.

The average Beagle...

Despite being a dogged scenthound, the Beagle is known for its affectionate, gentle and easy temperament, making it a popular breed choice for modern families. Additionally, the Beagle is sociable, fearless and curious, comfortable when confronted with new situations and people. Having retained its natural hunting instinct, the Beagle is inclined to follow its nose and the chase, so extra vigilance is necessary when off-lead. The average weight of a healthy adult Beagle is 9-11 kg, with a life expectancy of approximately 12-15 years when cared for accordingly.


Generally a healthy, long-lived breed, the Beagle is susceptible to certain common ailments, including epilepsy - which can be managed with medication - optical and cardiac disease and issues relating to allergy. Beagles are also subject to mast-cell tumours and weight-related illness.


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Added on 01/08/2013
Joined 22/07/2012
From Devon, United Kingdom

Bud is our first Beagle and he is a complete monkey!
He is an exremely loving gentle dog and is most happy when he is having a big cuddle with his mummy.
We also have a bunny, lovebirds and fancy rats and he is good as gold around all of them (although I am always careful just to be safe).
The negatives of owning a Beagle are that they cant always be trusted off the lead, if they pick up a really good scent they have a tendancy to run off and not come back which is horrible. Bud has really good recall but he has still slipped up a few times and disappeared for 30mins or so worrying us sick.
Beagles also have a tendancy to put on weight really easily so you have to be so careful what you give them.
Bud also has a tendancy to steal things which I think is also a typical Beagle trait and is a complete pain as you have to make sure you dont leave anything where they can get it. Bud especially loves slippers, socks and teatowels!
There are a few negatives to owning a Beagle but the positives far outway them. You wont ever be bored with a Beagle around, they are really clever, funny and cheeky and full of love. They are great with other dogs and seem to particularly love children. I wouldnt swop Bud for the world.

Added on 15/09/2014

My beagle, tilly, is a little bugger! She loves pinching the washing and dont leave anything edible on the worktop and turn your back, because it womt be there when you turn back!
She is the 1st beagle iv had and although she is a monkey, i wouldnt be without her now (she only 6mths old)

Added on 15/09/2014

I have a rescue Beagle Lucy who was called biscuit she did have a few problems but she brings so much joy to the family that we can put up with her naughtiness. The funniest sight is her putting herself to bed by covering herself with a blanket. I would not be without her.

Added on 15/09/2014

My boyfriend and I bought a 14 week beagle about 5 weeks ago. He is so cuddly and happy! He's very stubborn and can be a bit naughty, but so intelligent. Embarrassingly, his name is Steve which wasn't chosen but me! Yet he has started to suit it in a strange way!! He brings so much joy to our lives and I couldn't imagine being without him.

Added on 26/02/2016
Joined 30/10/2008
From Bucks, United Kingdom

Buddy turned up in our garden one day, a hunting dog who got lost - here in Brittany it is a common occurrence unfortunately. After trying to locate the owner without success, I was allowed to keep him, and now at just over a year old he has successfully joined in with my other outside dogs, and lives in his kennel quite happily. He is full of mischief, a true thief, and loves to have fun and lots of attention. He is totally fearless, and a fantastic digger - he gets bored easily so we have to keep him occupied! A fantastic addition to our family.

Added on 21/03/2017
Joined 21/03/2017
From United Kingdom

Stubborn, grudge holding, slow learning and slave to her nose and stomach. Our beagle is 10 now and starting to go blind and deaf. Lovely dog with other dogs but has to be managed when off lead as an interesting scent will see her gone, longest is over 2 hours! She's at the limit height wise and weight management is a constant battle especially since she was spayed. Will steal and eat anything given the opportunity. Love her dearly but hard work, she will be our 1st and last beagle.

Added on 07/05/2017
Joined 07/11/2016
From Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

I knew what to expect when buying a beagle, my mother has one crossed with a cocker spaniel and she was notoriously greedy and always running away! However, when we got Rufus - our beagle at a tiny 10 wks old. He was the biggest of the litter and was the one out of the pack who enjoyed his own company. He is the most loving, cuddly pup we could ever ask for, he is extremely well behaved and is rather lazy! He loves his crate and loves his best friend - his unofficial brother Oscar a tabby cat (they are 2 weeks apart in age) there is not one scary bone in Rufus body. I highly recommend the Beagle breed and absolutely adore mine... although it would be handy to have a dog that didnt run away when you opened the front door. He is a stubborn, strong, beautiful character who we adore ❤

Added on 24/09/2017
Joined 30/03/2017
From Caerffili, United Kingdom

Lily our 8 year old Beagle is a little doll. She's not like your average Beatle regarding running away etc..she's so docile she will always come back. She has a two hour long walk each day with her Westie brother woodlands, swimming in lakes and nosing through bushes....she's very vocal and can sit upright on hind legs and howl a tune with head in air on prompt. As we rescued her and her Westie brother Teddy at just 8 weeks...she is very motherly and tries to calm him down gently when he wants to get up to the normal Westie nonsense....she has even taught him to howl alongside her which sounds quite hilarious ! She really is one of The loveliest, prettiest little girls I've ever seen...we love her to bits even though hrf stomach is like a bottomless pit!!!!

Added on 14/11/2017

Our beagle was a rescue dog and joined our family in March 2000.He was 4 months old and had already had a previous owner who apparently did not understand their curiosity and tendency to eat whatever it could get its teeth into. So he was a very nervous dog and it took some time before he settled into our environment. He stayed with us for just short of 18 years . Due to his health and a number of problems with arthritis and heart problems, he was suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort and his inability to walk without stumbling and hurting his joints, we had him put down on his 18th birthday. From all the dogs I have known, he was by for the most beautiful one. He was my pure soul mate and I learnt more from him about life then any other person. He was irreplaceable and will be missed deeply by both myself and my wife. he was one of the few dogs who was borne in the last century.

Added on 22/01/2018

Hi there. 'Bomber' is my first beagle and my wife and childrens' very first dog. We couldn't have chosen a better breed for them to start with.

The humans in the family have learned a lot about caring for and paying attention to the needs of the dog and paying attention to where they leave objects that they don't want stolen.

Bomber is just over two years and a very intelligent and very mischievous dog, not unlike most Beagles from what I have read here and in other places.

He currently weighs about 19kg which makes me think your quote above 'The average weight of a healthy adult Beagle is 9-11 kg' is incorrect. Bomber is not fat at all and I have read the average weight is between 17 and 20kg.

Bomber will be a part of our life for well beyond his day of passing on. We are already experiencing so much joy from his companionship and challenging nature.

Thank you for this opportunity to talk about 'Bomber The Beagle'.

Added on 17/04/2018
Joined 10/09/2016
From MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom

Regan and Carter 2 brothers, extremely hard work, you need eye's in the back of your head, they think everything is theirs, constantly on the go, they love cuddles, love loads of attention they follow me everywhere, they are about 20kg they are very fussy eaters, will do anything for a treat, they are my beautiful boys.

Added on 09/11/2019
Joined 23/07/2017
From Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

I got my beagle Blossom from a rescue centre when she was 12 weeks. She can sniff out the smallest bit of anything edible in bags,pockets or under furniture. Her loving nature is wonderful. My rabbits have to put up with her jumping into their cages too. As she is getting older we can see that she is getting more cheeky in trying to pinch any food the little grandchildren have. We love her so much.