Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier originates from...

The true ancestry of the Bedlington Terrier is unknown, with popular theory suggesting its descendants were the Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Dandy Dinmont, and Kerry Blue. The name derives from the village in Northumberland where it was first bred, traditionally utilised in hunting badgers and otters. The breed was efficient and dependable, earning a reputation as a formidable ratter in the Victorian period. During this time, the Bedlington was frequently raced against the Whippet for entertainment and features in Victorian portrayals alongside figures of the nobility.

The Bedlington Terrier is characterised by...

Compact and lean, the Bedlington is often likened to a lamb, possessing a gentle temperament. Easily recognised for its 'linty' double coat, comprising both hard and soft hair, and common in colour variations of sand, liver, blue, and tan. With a tendency to curl on the head and face, the Bedlington requires regular bathing and grooming. Its distinctive appearance, usually with shaved ears and a Mohawk-type head style, is easily identifiable.

The average Bedlington Terrier...

Particularly devoted to children, the Bedlington is the ideal breed choice for families, displaying a quiet perceptiveness, gentle temperament, and fun-loving sociability that makes a great addition to the home. The breed is both intelligent and curious and will typically get along well with other house pets such as cats and dogs. On average, a healthy Bedlington Terrier will weigh 8-10kg, with a life expectancy of 12-14 years when cared for accordingly, although it is not uncommon for this breed to outlive this expectancy.


Prone to various genetic complaints, the Bedlington Terrier can suffer from an inherited liver ailment known as Copper Storage Disease. Hereditary kidney disease is also common with the breed, as well as thyroid and optical problems including cataracts and retinal disease.

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Added on 18/01/2019
Joined 15/08/2018
From South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Nell is an absolute treasure, she is my second Bedlington and won't be my last. I have found the breed fun and loyal. My first was Tilly who blessed my life for 12 years. She is no longer with us after passing with old age related problems. These dogs are child friendly and do not shed hair do they are great for people with allergies to animal hair.
I stumbled across the breed when a family member had a litter, I love all dogs but these just melt my heart.

Added on 13/07/2019
Joined 13/07/2019
From Merseyside, United Kingdom

Our Bedlington Woolie is wonderful. He brings joy to so many. We love his personality. He is happy, friendly, funny and clever. He can be stubborn at times and sulk. He has never destroyed anything that wasnt his though he will destroy his soft toys in 2 mins. He is well behaved unless he sees a cat and he is very spoilt. Who can resist the wants and needs of a bedlington. A wonderful breed. His Mummy and Daddy adore him.