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The Bulldog originates from...

With lineage tracing back to the Asiatic Mastiff, the Bulldog originated in the British Isles and is popularly entitled the National dog of Great Britain, featuring in various patriotic pictorials. Perhaps the oldest of the country's indigenous breeds, the Bulldog is distinctive in appearance and has long since abandoned its aggressive fighter instincts; the breed was primarily bred for the purposes of bull and badger baiting but once the sport was finally dispensed with in 1850, the Bulldog grew in popularity as a fearless yet increasingly placid companion dog.

The Bulldog is characterised by...

Boasting a medium-sized, muscular build, the Bulldog is easily identifiable for its wide muzzle, black nose with open nostrils, deep-set eyes and squared jaw with overhanging upper lips. Commonly recognised in colour variations of fawn, piebald, red brindle, solid white or pale yellow, the breed is attractive and distinctive. Whilst originally a highly active breed, the Bulldog has since gained bulk and lost some of its early athleticism. Despite being well suited to apartment life, gentle exercise is essential for the physical and mental enrichment of the Bulldog, however due to its heavy build, strenuous or regular exercise is not encouraged.

The average Bulldog...

Bearing in mind its early sporting heritage, the selected appearance of the Bulldog is somewhat intimidating, however such is not a fair reflection of its nature. The breed possesses an easy and affectionate temperament, is vigilant to change and threat, protective of children and its home, and is a great lover of people. A loud bark can be exercised to warn of potential danger, making it an effective and dependable guard dog. Heavier than it once was, the average weight of a healthy Bulldog is between 20-25 kg depending on its gender, with a life expectancy of 8-10 years when cared for accordingly.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Due to the breed's build and loose skin, the Bulldog is unsuited to extreme temperatures, being especially susceptible to heat stroke. Optical disorders and cherry eye are particularly common with the breed, as are skin infections and breathing difficulties. Ensuring a balanced diet is administered is essential and feeding human foods is not recommended as the Bulldog gains weight easily, which can be detrimental to its general health and happiness.

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Our Bulldog owners' thoughts

20140102 02:50 pm
East Sussex, United Kingdom

In our opinion Bulldogs are perfect companions. They are full of character and great with babies/ kids. We have a 5 month old daughter and our bulldog is only just over a year old herself. She is exceptionally gentle even when our daughter grabs at her wrinkles hard!

As a pup still (they take a while to grow up!) our bulldog is very energetic and loves to play fetch. She likes to think she's a lap dog and this can be a bit awkward as she's 24kgs! bulldogs = bulldozer. Although gentle, she is heavy for a short dog and quite easily knock you over if she jumps up. Jumping up to say hello seems to be a trait that we're trying to train out of her. She is very good with training as long as food is involved!


My bull dog Lacy is 12months old in April .
I thouhht bulls dogs were lazy but Lacy thinks she is a greyhound forever running and jumping around mind u she does have 3 sisters ( staffIes) and they all get along lovely woulnt swop them for the world x

20120906 01:55 pm
Angus, United Kingdom

Ollie is a brilliant dog very good nature, but my son and husband own the mother and father these dogs can be very aggressive towards other dogs but Ollie is every ones pal I have never even heard a growl from him. what I will say is he is very strong and weighing 47kgs can pull you off your feet but he is very loving

20120906 01:55 pm
Angus, United Kingdom

Ollie is an American Bulldog and he is a gentle giant his weight is 47kgs and he is very strong but he hasn't got an aggressive bone in him. Family members own his parents but they are not very dog friendly and his father has attacked me before so I would not advise any one to get one without knowing about them first

20081030 11:59 am
Bucks, United Kingdom

Our bulldog Nelly is the baby of the house - she is thoroughly spoilt and is the apple of my eye! She is 5 years old, and is crazy - she makes me laugh every day! She was a big chewer when in her first year, disposing of anything leather - shoes, sofas (yes, honestly!!) and anything wooden. What a girl - fantastic family dog.

20171010 10:19 am
United Kingdom

Bulldogs are amazing funny, silly loyal brilliant companions!! Recommended them to everyone, wouldn't ever be without one now I've truly got the bulldog Bug!! Only thing is, ones not enough, looking to own my second bully baby, I'm officially a bulky addict :-)

20180403 06:16 am
United Kingdom

Tyson is an 'Aylestone Bulldog' he is so laid back. He was 6 years old last November and we wouldn't be without him. He is full of character but can be stubborn when he doesn't want to do something. Hates the rain you have to push him out of the door and virtually pull him along on a walk. lol :-D

20180601 07:46 pm
Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Bullys are a little ray of sunshine everyday! They’re all happy souls on the inside’d never tell that from their wrinkled, gorgeous faces 🤣
Be warned though ....owning one of these little fury babies means they’re a people magnet on a massive scale!! Lovely to see my Colin (yes the Bully not my husband!) putting smiles on so many faces x