Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse

Such is the history of this horse; too much space would be needed to document it. Believed to hail from Andalusia in Spain, from whence it acquired its name, the Andalusian was first recognised as a distinct breed during the 15th century.

Revered by the nobility for its regal appearance and versatility, possession of an Andalusian outside native Spain was once greatly restricted – a restriction that was only wavered in the 1960s. The development of the breed is likely to have been influenced by the various residents occupying Spain throughout the course of history, amongst them the Celts, Romans, and the Moors.

Prized as a war horse, the Andalusian gained a favourable reputation for its willingness, strength and prowess and has subsequently featured in many war and fantasy motion pictures. Seen in colours of black, white, light grey and sometimes bay, with a sweeping mane and tail that adds to its graceful appearance, the Andalusian is not easily mistaken for another breed.

The Andalusian of today is largely observed in show jumping, dressage and other competition events. As a breed it is still highly sought and expensive, and remains one of the most popular and common riding horses in the world.

Did you know..?

Cave paintings discovered in recesses in the Iberian Peninsula, dating back as early as 30,000 BCE, reflect a horse aligning with the Andalusian. This supports what has always been suspected; that the Andalusian is an equine of true antiquity.

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