Crossbreed/Mixed breed

Crossbreed/Mixed breed

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Cross-breed/Mixed breed

Unbeknownst to many of us, a cross-breed and a mixed breed are not the same thing. Although terminology differs greatly, the name ‘cross-breed’ usually applies to dogs with purebred parents of distinct varieties (in terms of size and coat) or different breeds. For instance, the popular ‘Labradoodle’ is a cross-breed because its bloodline includes a purebred Poodle and a purebred Labrador. Generally speaking with the most widely recognised, first-generation cross-breeds, the parentage is known and the breeding has been sanctioned. Because of this, many like to refer to cross-breeds as ‘designer breeds’ that have been selected for appearance alone. Amongst some canine registries, the issue of cross-breeding is highly controversial.

A mixed breed is generally accepted to be a dog of unknown parentage. The breed’s parents might be first-generation cross-breeds themselves – a Labradoodle, for instance, paired with a Puggle (a cross between a Beagle and Pug). In other words, a mixed breed has non-purebred parents and has had a variety of breeds contribute to its development. The term ‘mongrel’ or ‘mutt’ is sometimes applied to these dogs, although ‘mixed breed’ is thought more appropriate.

Although many people disagree with crossing dog breeds, citing the many incidences in which two unsuited breeds have been thoughtlessly mated – producing offspring with an unnatural appearance and structure or with a myriad of health conditions and defects – others argue that in general, cross and mixed breeds are far healthier and longer-lived than purebred or pedigree dogs due to years of inbreeding. Whether this is true or not is purely speculation.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly recognised cross-breeds – what they look like and what their temperaments are like:

1) Labradoodle

This breed was initially developed in Australia in the 1980s and arose from selectively crossing the Poodle and the Labrador. The size is dependent on the size the Poodle (i.e. whether it is a Standard or Miniature) and a Labradoodle is usually characterised by a wavy, fleece-like coat. As with any hybrid dog, it is difficult to consign a generic appearance or set of behaviours and all dogs will vary. Generally speaking, a Labradoodle will possess the behavioural traits of its forebears, with a friendly, affectionate and animated personality. The Labradoodle is highly intelligent, active and has a natural love of people.

2) Goldendoodle

The result of crossing between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Breeding began in the 1990s in Australia and North America and the Goldendoodle immediately became a ‘designer dog,’ with its name being adopted in 1992. Similar in appearance to the Labradoodle, this breed boasts a calm and affectionate demeanour, whilst being highly active and easy to obedience train.

3) Cockapoo

Ever since the 1950s, Cockapoos have been recognised in the United States. A hybrid of English or American Cocker Spaniel and Standard Poodle bloodlines, the Cockapoo possesses a thick, wavy coat in colour variations of merle, black, brown, tan, sable, roan, brindle, white, cream and silver. The coat only sheds moderately – a trait inherited from its Poodle parent. Typically, a Cockapoo will require lots of human interaction and companionship, becoming distressed if left alone for too long, and will return this love and attention gladly. Many unscrupulous breeders attempt this cross due to its wide popularity, so it is important to bear this in mind when purchasing a Cockapoo puppy.

4) Pomapoo

A cross between the Pomeranian and the Miniature or Toy Poodle. Many people favour this particular cross-breed due to its cute, compact size and its amiable temperament. With a thick, wavy coat that is typically low-shedding and often thought to be hypoallergenic, the Pomapoo is a desirable breed choice for families or dedicated sole owners. Although there are great variations, the Pomapoo is usually friendly with a moderate level of activity, and should not be unduly shy or aggressive.

5) Schnoodle

A cross between the Miniature Schnauzer and the Poodle. This cross-breed is similar to its Schnauzer parent in general appearance and structure, with a dense, often curly coat that is inherited from the Poodle. Usually quite small, with a low-shedding coat, this is a suitable breed choice for the house-proud. The temperament of the Schnoodle is very desirable – it is intelligent, bold, affectionate and trainable, and benefits from both mental and physical enrichment.

6) Puggle

This compact cross-breed combines the Pug and the Beagle and was first bred in 1980s America. It has risen to high popularity in the last two decades and is considered a ‘designer dog.’ The general appearance of the Puggle is small, proportioned and muscular, with a short muzzle, large pendant ears and a narrow tail that curls over the back. The coat is usually observed in colours of black, tan and fawn. Despite variations, the Puggle is typically loud, out-going and stubborn, requiring training and firm leadership from an early age. Otherwise, this cross-breed can be friendly, affectionate and sociable, enjoying plenty of companionship with its owner and family.

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Added on 14/10/2013
Joined 26/09/2011
From Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

love looking at all these gorgeous dogs :)

Added on 31/12/2013

Kyla is a GSD x Rottie. Very loving and submissive to anyone she knows. Visitors get a distinct greeting if she doesn't know them but once they have been a few times she accepts them and starts bringing toys to them. Highly trainable, quick to learn. Knows her own mind and doesn't forget dogs who have attacked her ! Be it a certain boxer or westie. Stubborn and quite dominant especially with any dog who is like her, if they wag their tail and go submissive she's fine with them, but if they look at her the wrong way or make the wrong move she'll react back. Hard work but worth every moment x

Added on 22/03/2015
Joined 11/04/2012
From south lanarkshire, United Kingdom

Rocky is a Welsh Springer x Border Collie and rules over Maya my Staffie x Whippet. Just proves not all staffies are aggressive. Both have their own different querks. Maya likes socialising with other dogs where Rocky prefers owners, after all they have treats.

Added on 10/06/2015
Joined 09/01/2014
From Surrey, United Kingdom

Welwyn is a JRT x Yorkie - he may be small but he has a loud bark!
A loyal dog that is very intelligent :-)

Added on 11/06/2015
Joined 04/01/2013
From Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Bear is a cockerpoo

Added on 30/05/2016
Joined 15/03/2016
From hants, United Kingdom

Gypsy is a jackadoodle the most loving and gentle dog we have ever had she is 3yrs old.

Added on 03/08/2016
Joined 27/07/2016
From Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I've Got a Rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Greyhound and We Couldn't Ask for a More Loyal Hound than My Maggot Hound The Only Health Problems we have Found in Our 3 year Ownership So far is a Sensitive Tummy and a Severe Allergy to Stinging Nettles Other than that she's in her element with Us. She's One Very Spoilt Pooch but We're Making Up for the Bad Start she Had as She was Tied up and Left to Starve luckily she was found and put in to a Rehoming Kennels where she Found us (yes she Choose us, she knew we where her Furever Owners and She'd Never Suffer again with Us) Yes there are Times I've had to Check her in as She's one big 3 year old Puppy she thinks but We attend Regular Training Classes for Which She's really got a Hang of this Clicker Training Lark and I also do a little training when at Home in her Relaxed Safety Zone But We Couldn't ask for a Nicer Dog. She's got the Loyalty of a Staffy and the Speed of a Greyhound What More Could You ask in a Dog??

Added on 07/11/2016
Joined 23/01/2014
From Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Indy is a Cockapoo. Very loving and great with kids, very loyal but full on all the time. Loves Agility training and flyball. Great dog would rec the breed for a family, just remember they need a lot of exercise, but would not change him he is our forever dog

Added on 09/01/2017
Joined 30/07/2015
From Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Trigger is a crossbreed Labrador GSD, best of both breeds - wouldn't be without him

Added on 22/01/2017
Joined 01/10/2012
From Powys, United Kingdom

Ziggy has a gorgeous, friendly, fun personality. Her mum was a white boxer and her dad a working Welsh border collie. Luckily the white gene in her mother caused no deafness in any of her puppies. However, as a precaution, Ziggy has not had puppies. Ziggy has the playful boxer personality but the protective, intelligence of the border collie. A perfect match. We love her.

Added on 30/01/2017
Joined 12/08/2008
From Essex, United Kingdom

As my jacket 's transfer says:-
Life is better with a Goldendoodle (or two)

Added on 10/02/2017
Joined 10/02/2017
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

Stanley is a cross bull mastiff x boxer ..big lad but very laid back until he goes for walk then it is all your strength to hold on to that lead

Added on 03/03/2017
Joined 24/07/2014
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

My recued crossbreed King Charles/Collie is the best little dog I could possibly have and I have had some wonderful dogs purebred and crossbred
She is terrific guard dog, very friendly and works fetches ,plays and is an obedient companion

Added on 27/04/2017
Joined 27/04/2017
From North Ayrshire, United Kingdom

Our labradoodle Keera' has a great nature, very friendly loves likes meeting people and their dogs and she'd would play all day

Added on 10/06/2017
Joined 05/06/2017
From Cumbria, United Kingdom

I own a crossbreed Staffie x whippet (I think - but her parentage is uncertain). She is probably the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. She invents her own games and understands a huge vocabulary. She hates the television, as a previous one kept 'dropping out' and making digital crackling noises. So I have to tell her when I want to watch tv and she takes herself off into the other room.

Added on 13/09/2017
Joined 17/04/2017
From United Kingdom

Alfie is a Cockerpoo, all the same breed I have met are just so so socialable, child, adult and animal friendly. Fabulous fabulous pets and best friends🐶🐾

Added on 30/09/2017
Joined 25/01/2014
From cornwall, United Kingdom

Best dogs ever owned currently got a rescue from Romania found in a bin, and she is such a sweet kind dog x

Added on 09/10/2017
Joined 08/10/2017
From Nottinghamshire , United Kingdom

Annie is a 16yrs young border collie x sheltie and is the funniest most loyal dog and was so easy to house train in fact she got the hang of it in just one day. Aside from being neutered and her jabs she has only ever visited the vets once due to a cracked tooth x breeds seem to be less prone to the afflictions of pedigrees I would recommend one to anybody great dogs just because they don’t have a posh tag doesn’t make them any less of a dog

Added on 13/11/2017
Joined 23/02/2017
From Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

I have 2 crossbreeds, a Cavachon (K.C. Cavalier & Bichon Frise) and a Malshi (Maltese & Shih Tzu).
Both are amazing little dogs, they have such great temperaments and such fun. Non shedding and so loving.

Added on 19/11/2017
Joined 01/03/2007
From East Ayrshire, United Kingdom

We have a real mixed breed a mongrel they used to be called, it doesn't sound nice but it is what it is. And we love her just a much. We have no idea what she is as she is a rescue dog from Romania about 8 months old now she came to us on 1st Oct. 2017 She had never been in a house until now, is very scared of most things however is starting to love life. Especially when she's got her big sister and brother around(our existing dogs) I for one will never buy into a pedigree dog again. The breeding has got completely out of control and it's horrific how the bitches are kept. Why did I get a dog from Romania and not from a rescue centre in UK.......we don't generally torture and skin our strays alive. Sadly this is what happens in Romania.

Added on 30/11/2017
Joined 30/11/2017
From Durham, United Kingdom

Evie is a mastiff X rescue dog we've had her almost 3 years now she was around 4 months old when we rescued her. She's absolutely gorgeous

Added on 31/12/2017
Joined 31/12/2017
From Staffordshire, United Kingdom

We have Tilly as the youngest member of our family. She's 4 years old, her dad was an Alaskan Malamute and her mum was a Staffy/Ridgeback cross. She's the most loyal, sensitive and devoted little girl. Not much use as a guard dog generally since she welcomes people into her home enthusiastically, though when someone acts suspiciously or approaches too quickly she does make sure you're safe by putting herself between you and the threat. She loves to play and run in the woods chasing squirrels back to their trees (thankfully never catching them). Swimming is one of her favourite pastimes as is approaching complete strangers with a beautiful smile and a wagging tale as though she's known them for years - she makes lots of human friends this way!
She's a little nervous of cats, they're scary, ferocious 'little crazy dogs' to her so she keeps her distance.
She's such a clever and sensitive little soul, learning new games and tricks very quickly. She has the beautiful doggie sadness detector and will come running to give kisses and hugs whenever she detects that someone is upset.
I could go on all day, obviously I'm biased as all dog owners are, but she's added so much love to our lives and made them immeasurably better in so many ways. There's nothing we wouldn't do for her ... and of course she knows this!

Added on 22/01/2018
Joined 30/03/2017
From United Kingdom

Emma is a lab x border collie x staff. She is as nutty as she is unique - 13 years young and still acts like a pup. A fierce friend to my 5 & 7 yr old children & a wonderful loyal companion to me. Can be ignorant at times but hey who isn't? Also she protects the family cat

Added on 22/01/2018
Joined 30/03/2017
From United Kingdom

Emma is a lab x border collie x staff. She is as nutty as she is unique - 13 years young and still acts like a pup. A fierce friend to my 5 & 7 yr old children & a wonderful loyal companion to me. Can be ignorant at times but hey who isn't? Also she protects the family cat from other cats & dogs. Emma isn't a fan of the sea but she loves a run on the beach. She isn't a fair weather walker either - come hail or sunshine she loves nothing more than a run about playing with balls, plastic bottles & sticks. Such a happy, loving & gentle soul

Added on 25/03/2018
Joined 22/03/2018
From East Sussex, United Kingdom

Jago is an Italian Mastiff / American Bulldog.
He weighs 65kg. He has a fantastic temperament, very calm, easygoing, very loveable, a gentle giant.
If however a stranger was to come over the garden wall you would know about it! He changes into a very protective dog his stance changes as well as his bark. Excellent gard dog. With him being crossed with an American Bulldog there is hardly any drooling/slobber. It is essential training is given from a puppy as it is a large breed. I would definitely have another this is a great mix.

Added on 25/03/2018
Joined 22/03/2018
From East Sussex, United Kingdom

Jago is an Italian Mastiff / American Bulldog.
He weighs 65kg. He has a fantastic temperament, very calm, easygoing, very loveable, a gentle giant.
If however a stranger was to come over the garden wall you would know about it! He changes into a very protective dog his stance changes as well as his bark. Excellent gard dog. With him being crossed with an American Bulldog there is hardly any drooling/slobber. It is essential training is given from a puppy as it is a large breed. I would definitely have another this is a great mix.

Added on 05/04/2018
Joined 29/08/2008
From Strathclyde, United Kingdom

I have a mixed-breed Rescue Dog from Romania called Charlie.

Added on 23/04/2018
Joined 23/01/2017
From Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

I am owned by a loveable big rouge called Boris he's a sort of rescue we got him at 11 and a half months he is a lab/collie mix known as a borador!
He is lovable and protective he lives with a full breed collie bitch who rules the roost! He was one of the best decisions we made taking him on. Once he gets to know you he will be a cuddle buddy otherwise he's not keen on new people

Added on 03/05/2018
Joined 03/05/2018
From Durham, United Kingdom

We became proud owner's of a small ball of black fluff nearly 8yrs ago!
A Cavapoo! Cavalier x Poodle.
We named him Jake he sure turned out to be such a funny little character!
So loving & full of energy everyone loves him!

Added on 03/05/2018
Joined 03/05/2018
From Durham, United Kingdom

We became proud owner's of a small ball of black fluff nearly 8yrs ago!
A Cavapoo! Cavalier x Poodle.
We named him Jake he sure turned out to be such a funny little character!
So loving & full of energy everyone loves him!

Added on 02/06/2018
Joined 02/06/2018
From Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

Pippalotta Actualia McQueen (to give her her full title. For- she climbs fences like a pro) is a border terrier cross with either lakeland or parson russell terrier who had been returned to a rescue three times as a stray, and was aged 5 when we got her.

As a cross breed she is not subject to the usual pure-breed tendencies of either of her lines and, in my view, also vice-less. In fact- if she had border collie (she was listed as a border collie cross on her Pet Log), I'd not be surprised as she is uncommonly well behaved and not wilful as most terriers I know.

Health-wise- it is just the usual age-related worries we now have as she turned 11 this week. I certainly hope to enjoy a good number of years still in her kind company.

Added on 08/06/2018
Joined 02/04/2018
From West Midlands, United Kingdom

My mixed breed is as mixed as a dog can be as we have no idea what she is made up of. I suppose she is what we call a mongrel. Loves people, loves children, likes some other dogs but not all. She was found days old in Abu Dhabi desert without her mum who was probably a wild desert dog who either died or abandoned her. She was taken to rescue centre in Dubai by the women who found her & hand reared with bottled milk. She had been there a year when we took her home & eventually brought her to UK. Well what can I say about Susie the Wonder dog? I never owned a dog before & now I wouldn't be without her. She is adorable, lovable & has shown me how good it is to have a dog around the place. I would recommend anyone to give a loving home to a mongrel..mine is delightful.

Added on 12/06/2018
Joined 06/12/2017
From United Kingdom

Our mixed breed was rescued from the streets of Romania and is your typical survivor, most probably due to the harsh life he has had and with no connection what so ever with the chow chow/GS genes in his blood. He is magnificent, extremely attached to us, commited to defending the owners and the home he never had until last November (he is 12 years old), imune to the cats he has to share the house with, goofy and a perfect match for they type of family we are at the moment. Mixed breeds offer the best of both worlds, so we highly recommend them (for cats also:))

Added on 17/06/2018
Joined 16/06/2018
From Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Tazz was a rescue from a neighbour, he had been badly treated by them & his prior owners. He suffered a broken hip at some point within his first five months & now has a little arthritis. He is a Staffy x Akita with a bit of Border Collie in him. He’s 11 & half but runs around like he’s still 2 😂 I’ve had him for 11 of those years & have always had crossbred dogs. They appear to have less health issues & longer lives. Tazz will be my last dog due to my health issues but I would recommend a crossbreed & also recommend a rescue. These dogs are just so happy all of the time because someone took the time to love them enough to give them a chance, sure there are initial issues but if you can see the bigger picture then you will find you have a loyal & loving friend for the rest of their lives, he drives me mad sometimes but I would never want to be without him, he is my best friend & he cracks me up on a daily basis with his antics, he’s completely nuts but I love him ❤️ Xx

Added on 18/06/2018
Joined 18/06/2018
From New Jersey, United States

My babe Diesel is a puggle and very true to its mixed bread description.

Added on 02/07/2018
Joined 02/07/2018
From Cornwall, United Kingdom

Molly is a Cockerpoo, now just over 2 years old and in training to be an animal assisted therapy dog. She is incredible with people - seeming to understand their individual needs. Very social but also very keen to be constantly at my side. Enjoys both physical AND mental exercise. She's an absolute bundle of joy!

Added on 16/07/2018
Joined 16/07/2018
From Somerset, United Kingdom

Yogi is a border collie cross Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and is the best of both breeds.

Added on 25/07/2018
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From Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Owning Charlie is the best thing that I have done

Added on 26/07/2018
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From Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Bomber Harris is a Cockapoo - mum Cocker Spaniel Dad Toy Poodle - and he will be 2 sin Oct. They are loving loyal dogs but quite a handful if you don’t keep them in check. I would recommend getting to puppy classes as a means of making best use of their intelligence - they are SO quick to learn and devious little devils if you give them the chance!🐾

Added on 10/08/2018
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From West Sussex, United Kingdom

Bells is a mixed breed from Greece. She has a wonderful temperament and loves people, other dogs, children etc.... We consider ourselves very lucky to have adopted her.

Added on 03/09/2018
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From Slovenia

Bina is a GSD possible Malinos and labrador mix. She is very people and food oriented, strong drive for hunting, sadly she is super scared of noise like thunder, fireworks and ali lightning (no lightnin toys for her), mild hip dysplasia, and mild pyloric stenosis and a ton of food sensitivities. Would I recomend? Well yes and no. I respect responsible pure breed breeders and owners and for those who adopt. Adopt with head first, heart second. We can't have them all with us. :)

Added on 05/09/2018
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From Devon, United Kingdom

Hattie is a cross between a bichon frise and a cavalier King Charles spaniel, (cavachon) she is adorable funny gentle and bonkers. She is non shedding but needs regular grooming as her coat tends to get matted if not groomed regularly. She is friendly with other dogs and loves children she has no sign of any aggressive behaviour at all. She likes cats and is gentle with everyone. I would recommend her as an ideal family pet.

Added on 10/11/2018
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From United Kingdom

Our two dogs are Rosie and Daisie who are sisters. They are a Tibetan Terrier and a Toy Poodle cross which is known as a Ttoodle!! They both have a lovely nature and are very loving. They love exercise but also love sleeping and cuddling. They are very intelligent and have a love for all people including small children.

Added on 22/11/2018
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From Cornwall, United Kingdom

I have owned pedigree dogs and found they have all sorts of debilitating (and expensive) ailments - elbow displasia, mega oesophagus etc. My 'cross boy', supposidly cocker cross springer, has had no health problems, is now ten, has a bit of arthritis but has been in the best of health and has been a joy to own. He looks like a spaniel but his mother was a right mixture,. He is full of life, no problems, eats without digestive problems, is loving and obedient. Never had to suffer x-rays, procedures, ops. I would always get a mixed breed now.

Added on 15/12/2018
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From Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Ruby is a Papilion x J. Russell. Papijack. Beautiful girl. Very affectionate. Very gentle. She looks after me so well.

Added on 15/12/2018
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From Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Lucy is a x breed dog. DNA test showed 25% English Springer Spaniel, 25% Chiwahwah 12.5% English Cocker Spaniel. 37% other (bloodhound terriers) Lucy is very quiet. Liked her own space. Likes to have about 30 mins of cuddles in afternoon. Likes her walks but only plods along.

Added on 29/12/2018
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From Devon, United Kingdom

We have a Cavapoo (tri-coloured Cavalier King Charles spaniel crossed with a toy Poodle. ) He is very beautiful at 6 months old loved by everyone who meets him. This is our 1st dog and he is a joy. He dances like a circus dog which is the poodle half shown in his features and energy but Cavalier in his colouring. So soft,loving and funny.

Added on 04/01/2019
Joined 24/09/2018
From Shropshire , United Kingdom

Albert is a poodle/rotti x, (awaiting DNA results) he is my first dog, and one of the best things I have ever done, he is so loving, loyal, friendly, playful and still only 10mths old, looking forward to spending lots more time with him 💙

Added on 05/01/2019
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From West Sussex, United Kingdom

Alfie is a Cavachon (Cavalier KC Spaniel father, Bichon Frise mother) He is the most amazing little dog so loving and loyal. Brilliant with children and other small dogs

Added on 08/01/2019
Joined 08/01/2019
From Essex, United Kingdom

Our dog Skye is a Chowski, her mum is a Chow Chow and her dad is a Siberian Husky. She has a loving nature towards friendly humans and other dogs. We had her for two years now and had no problems with her chowing anything apart from her toys. She is food orientated, will do anything for it, however can be reluctant to obey if distracted by a squirrel or when exploring new environment.

Added on 19/01/2019
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From Norfolk, United Kingdom

We have a 5 year old Jack Russell X Chihuahua and he is so much fun!
He has a Terrier attitude and is a very loving boy. He has 2 different barks! One deeper terrier bark and his high Chihuahua yap!
He loves people and thinks children are great fun. He loves to play chase with other dogs that want too and humans if they are up for it!
He loves agility and dog parkour. He can walk as far as you like and he likes to paddle (not swim).
He is very intelligent, I have taught him lots of things and he always wants to learn more, or show you what he can do for a treat.

Added on 04/03/2019
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From Norfolk, United Kingdom

Our boy arrived at the onsite house we were living in whilst volunteering at a chimpanzee rescue centre in Spain. We fell in love with him instantly, not just for his handsome looks, but because his temperament is so gentle and kind. He's far too polite to even attempt to push a door open! We don't know his life before finding us but at some time someone had knocked a canine tooth out. He's now been living with us for 8 years and enjoys regular holidays in the Lake District (the best substitute for his native Pyrenees)and so so much love and care. He's our world!

Added on 16/03/2019
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From West Sussex, United Kingdom

We have 3 mixed breed dogs rescued from the dog meat trade trucks in Thailand. Our first six months were a massive learning curve as we already had 2 dogs but with lots of love, guidance and patience we watched them blossom and become social, loving members of our family. They've been with us 6 yrs now and each has their own unique character but they are best friends and the heart of our family. Giving these dogs a home was the best thing we've ever done.

Added on 05/04/2019
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From County Down, United Kingdom

My mixed breed is a former Hungarian street dog. She turns 7, in two weeks. Been with me since she was 6m/o. She had a lot of medical problems in the beginning (resulting in some behavioural problems too) but is super active, healthy and happy now. Love of my life!

Added on 15/07/2019
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From United Kingdom

Bailey is a Sprollie, a collie/springer spaniel cross, who came to us as a rescue at 11 months old and is now nearly 6. His hard untrusting eyes told a story of many past rejections. He is, shall we say, a complex dog. He has all the worst features of both breeds but there is never a dull moment. He has the intelligence of the wily, grumpy collie which he uses to herd everything in his path. His spaniel side is loud, ditsy & exuberant. He has the incredible energy levels & love of the outdoors of both breeds. A man's dog by preference (although he tolerates me now) mud means nothing to Bailey, baths are an anathema, & balls are his passion. He is not a dog for the faint hearted which explains why he waited so long in rescue. But a tiny piece of his tough heart is reserved for the small & vulnerable, like small dogs, cats, & young grandchildren, for whom he has endless patience & affection. He is unique. He is Bailey, He is loved beyond measure & will be with us for life.

Added on 24/09/2019
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From North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Sweep is a cockapoo and gorgeous. I would recommend this breed to anyone. Gentle loyal and loving, couldn’t live without him, he’s my treasure.

Added on 29/10/2019
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From Perthshire and Kinross, United Kingdom

Angus is our mixed breed collie/spaniel x /? - He has led a life of fun and love. Swimming in the sea was fun, swimming with his human children was his heaven.
Now not so much.

As an old fellow now he is up and walking 3 times a day. 20 minutes each time. Afterwards he enjoys snoozes on his bed.

Angus is our second mixed breed he is a joy every day.

Added on 13/03/2020
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From Durham, United Kingdom

I have always had cross breed dogs, at one stage I had four, mother father and son plus an unrelated Labrador Cross bitch called Honey. Mixed breeds are steady loving, loyal, and in my opinion far stronger fitter and healthier than pure bred or Pedigree dogs, my latest cross breed is a GS/Collie cross bitch called India, she is 6 and a half now and is a rescue dog, I got her on St Patrick's day 2015 from Royston Animal Welfare Nr Barnsley South Yorkshire, I had been without a dog for 4 and a half years after my previous bitch Lucy also a rescue GS cross passed over the Rainbow bridge. India is in the early stages of arthritis but I do everything I can to make her life as happy and pain free as possible, give me a cross breed rescue dog any day.

Added on 03/04/2020
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Suki is now coming up to five years old. Shes the only dog I have ever had and I was the youthful age of 67 when I got her. She’s a mini goldendoodle with a golden retriever coat. She needs plenty of exercise so we train 3 times a week and walk for at least an hour every day. She’s beginning to win at Agility shows although she still won’t go near the seesaw . She can be very skittish with noises such as plastic bags, kitchen foil etc. She’s the love of my life and I wouldn’t be without her.

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I love my 5 year old cockapoo and I'm will be getting another cockapoo in a few weeks. Lovely kind dogs.

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Jay is a corgi x westie and I couldn’t ask for a sweeter dog. He has a really high prey drive though, and a penchant for chasing foxes so he needs to be supervised outside

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Theodorus is a 2 year old, Greek rescue, a kokoni cross, he is a lively, loving, friendly medium sized dog. His coat is like silk so yes he gets very mucky, but it's self cleaning and comes up shiny white as soon as he is dry.
Mia is a 9yr old jackahuahua, loves life to the full, always a happy dog and defo "top dog". She is my first small dog, having grown up with larger dogs (labs/OES/collies/dalmatian), and she has such a large character in a small dog!!!
Dexter is my 16 month old rescue, he is a Jorkie, Jack x yorkies, a lively, playfully little fella who likes to be sociable. He is a cheeky chappy, winding his brother, Theo up by biting his tail to get him to play. He's a lapdog when he's ready for a sleep, cuddles up snuggly.
I love them all to bits, very different characters, but I wouldn't be without.

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My Monty is the most loving cockerpoo of 10 months old my good first ever forever friend .He came to me at a really bad time in my life and made me realise life is worth living again.He is a handful don't get wrong but I enjoy every precious moment with him.

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We have a Romanian rescue dog that has a bit of a water dog in him,and reliable informed because of his eyes and whiskers a bit of wolf.He is very nervous and can be hard work at times hence the order of yu calm.But we love him to bits.

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We have two Old English Sheepdog/border collie mix. So much fun! Both are from different litters with Dooley being 6 months older than Fidget. Both look so different. Full of energy which keeps us young! Very loving pups who adore cuddles. Very intelligent most of the time, not as easy to train as can be headstrong at times, watch out for the squirrels. They learn things pretty quickly, like where the bacon is cooked! We love them and wouldn't be without them.

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I have 2 rescue dogs from Romania. Nana is a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd/ unknown. She would sleep all day if I let her. Considering she was beaten she is the most affectionate dog ❤.
Rona is a German shepherd/Belgium shepherd so I've been told but I'm not to sure. We call her rocket Rona, she likes to run. Sometimes she thinks she is a mountain goat 🤣. Rona was dumped from a car, luckily the lady that was in the car behind rescues dogs.
So they have been together from a very young age. I'd have been mean to take one and not the other. Love my girls ❤❤

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Zippy is a 6 yr old cockapoo and is the most loving affectionate and friendly dog you could ever meet.
She is very very active and has at least 3 or 4 walks a day as well as playing in the garden.
she is also very easy to train and is seriously clever if you teach her different things to do.
She also loves chasing her ball and swimming as much as possible, but most of all she loves all people and most of the dogs she meets especially the larger ones.

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Nico is a smooth coat Dachshund/ King Charles Cavalier cross. He is a charming dog who also has a great sense of humour. He is fab at his tricks and always willing to learn new ones. He has good guard instincts...well-balanced. He is fixated on food 24/7. Apt to put on weight he lost 2kg on vet program over 9 months. He barks as you would expect small dog to do but he improves the older he gets. The breed mix does mean vet keeps an eye on his heart but otherwise he is fit as a fiddle. And he just loves snuggle cuddles.

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So, I’m actually not a ‘dog’ person ( too lazy; cats are far easier).
But my husband was a total dog lover, so our first dog together was (as best we could guess) a staff/whippet . Rosie was a dream dog. She had the steadiness and sturdiness (we had a small child at the time) to be able to withstand a bit of ‘rough’ handling. But her whippet side made her an excellent house dog.
I could write a book about how great she was. (Subsequent babies had the cleanest toes - she would lick as I fed 🥰).
Number 2 son has inherited his Dad’s love.
First dog (once I was confident my son would take full responsibility) was a Staff/JR cross. Bugsy had the full elements of both sides- the thinkers and ‘naughty knickers’ of the JR, paired with the tenacity (and stubbornness) of the Staff. He was hard work, but a total joy.
Sadly we lost him at 18 months.
Our current model got DNA tested and came out as 50% Amstaff, 37.5% Staff, 12.5% unspecified guarding/herding breeds.
Again, hard work. He’s 3 and we’re still not there yet on all aspects; but he’s worth it. A great big lover who’s only real problem is he doesn’t understand his size.