Crossbreed/Mixed breed

Crossbreed/Mixed breed

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Cross-breed/Mixed breed

Unbeknownst to many of us, a cross-breed and a mixed breed are not the same thing. Although terminology differs greatly, the name ‘cross-breed’ usually applies to dogs with purebred parents of distinct varieties (in terms of size and coat) or different breeds. For instance, the popular ‘Labradoodle’ is a cross-breed because its bloodline includes a purebred Poodle and a purebred Labrador. Generally speaking with the most widely recognised, first-generation cross-breeds, the parentage is known and the breeding has been sanctioned. Because of this, many like to refer to cross-breeds as ‘designer breeds’ that have been selected for appearance alone. Amongst some canine registries, the issue of cross-breeding is highly controversial.

A mixed breed is generally accepted to be a dog of unknown parentage. The breed’s parents might be first-generation cross-breeds themselves – a Labradoodle, for instance, paired with a Puggle (a cross between a Beagle and Pug). In other words, a mixed breed has non-purebred parents and has had a variety of breeds contribute to its development. The term ‘mongrel’ or ‘mutt’ is sometimes applied to these dogs, although ‘mixed breed’ is thought more appropriate.

Although many people disagree with crossing dog breeds, citing the many incidences in which two unsuited breeds have been thoughtlessly mated – producing offspring with an unnatural appearance and structure or with a myriad of health conditions and defects – others argue that in general, cross and mixed breeds are far healthier and longer-lived than purebred or pedigree dogs due to years of inbreeding. Whether this is true or not is purely speculation.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly recognised cross-breeds – what they look like and what their temperaments are like:

1) Labradoodle

This breed was initially developed in Australia in the 1980s and arose from selectively crossing the Poodle and the Labrador. The size is dependent on the size the Poodle (i.e. whether it is a Standard or Miniature) and a Labradoodle is usually characterised by a wavy, fleece-like coat. As with any hybrid dog, it is difficult to consign a generic appearance or set of behaviours and all dogs will vary. Generally speaking, a Labradoodle will possess the behavioural traits of its forebears, with a friendly, affectionate and animated personality. The Labradoodle is highly intelligent, active and has a natural love of people.

2) Goldendoodle

The result of crossing between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Breeding began in the 1990s in Australia and North America and the Goldendoodle immediately became a ‘designer dog,’ with its name being adopted in 1992. Similar in appearance to the Labradoodle, this breed boasts a calm and affectionate demeanour, whilst being highly active and easy to obedience train.

3) Cockapoo

Ever since the 1950s, Cockapoos have been recognised in the United States. A hybrid of English or American Cocker Spaniel and Standard Poodle bloodlines, the Cockapoo possesses a thick, wavy coat in colour variations of merle, black, brown, tan, sable, roan, brindle, white, cream and silver. The coat only sheds moderately – a trait inherited from its Poodle parent. Typically, a Cockapoo will require lots of human interaction and companionship, becoming distressed if left alone for too long, and will return this love and attention gladly. Many unscrupulous breeders attempt this cross due to its wide popularity, so it is important to bear this in mind when purchasing a Cockapoo puppy.

4) Pomapoo

A cross between the Pomeranian and the Miniature or Toy Poodle. Many people favour this particular cross-breed due to its cute, compact size and its amiable temperament. With a thick, wavy coat that is typically low-shedding and often thought to be hypoallergenic, the Pomapoo is a desirable breed choice for families or dedicated sole owners. Although there are great variations, the Pomapoo is usually friendly with a moderate level of activity, and should not be unduly shy or aggressive.

5) Schnoodle

A cross between the Miniature Schnauzer and the Poodle. This cross-breed is similar to its Schnauzer parent in general appearance and structure, with a dense, often curly coat that is inherited from the Poodle. Usually quite small, with a low-shedding coat, this is a suitable breed choice for the house-proud. The temperament of the Schnoodle is very desirable – it is intelligent, bold, affectionate and trainable, and benefits from both mental and physical enrichment.

6) Puggle

This compact cross-breed combines the Pug and the Beagle and was first bred in 1980s America. It has risen to high popularity in the last two decades and is considered a ‘designer dog.’ The general appearance of the Puggle is small, proportioned and muscular, with a short muzzle, large pendant ears and a narrow tail that curls over the back. The coat is usually observed in colours of black, tan and fawn. Despite variations, the Puggle is typically loud, out-going and stubborn, requiring training and firm leadership from an early age. Otherwise, this cross-breed can be friendly, affectionate and sociable, enjoying plenty of companionship with its owner and family. 

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20110926 06:50 pm
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

love looking at all these gorgeous dogs :)


Kyla is a GSD x Rottie. Very loving and submissive to anyone she knows. Visitors get a distinct greeting if she doesn't know them but once they have been a few times she accepts them and starts bringing toys to them. Highly trainable, quick to learn. Knows her own mind and doesn't forget dogs who have attacked her ! Be it a certain boxer or westie. Stubborn and quite dominant especially with any dog who is like her, if they wag their tail and go submissive she's fine with them, but if they look at her the wrong way or make the wrong move she'll react back. Hard work but worth every moment x

20131203 12:07 am
Surrey, United Kingdom

Alfie is a Lhasa Apso x Tibetan Terrier x Chihuahua x Fox Terrier. He is a rescue all the way from Cyprus, he is my pride and joy. he is a great all rounder dog. He is a very quick learner and learns tricks very quickly, he's competed in crufts and won 3rd place in the young kennel club doggie dancing. I got him at 4 months old. If anyone is interested in adopting a Cyprus dog please go to thank you

20120411 09:56 pm
south lanarkshire, United Kingdom

Rocky is a Welsh Springer x Border Collie and rules over Maya my Staffie x Whippet. Just proves not all staffies are aggressive. Both have their own different querks. Maya likes socialising with other dogs where Rocky prefers owners, after all they have treats.

20140109 12:55 pm
Surrey, United Kingdom

Welwyn is a JRT x Yorkie - he may be small but he has a loud bark!
A loyal dog that is very intelligent :-)

20130104 09:19 am
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Bear is a cockerpoo

20160315 06:50 pm
hants, United Kingdom

Gypsy is a jackadoodle the most loving and gentle dog we have ever had she is 3yrs old.

20160727 11:50 am
Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I've Got a Rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Greyhound and We Couldn't Ask for a More Loyal Hound than My Maggot Hound The Only Health Problems we have Found in Our 3 year Ownership So far is a Sensitive Tummy and a Severe Allergy to Stinging Nettles Other than that she's in her element with Us. She's One Very Spoilt Pooch but We're Making Up for the Bad Start she Had as She was Tied up and Left to Starve luckily she was found and put in to a Rehoming Kennels where she Found us (yes she Choose us, she knew we where her Furever Owners and She'd Never Suffer again with Us) Yes there are Times I've had to Check her in as She's one big 3 year old Puppy she thinks but We attend Regular Training Classes for Which She's really got a Hang of this Clicker Training Lark and I also do a little training when at Home in her Relaxed Safety Zone But We Couldn't ask for a Nicer Dog. She's got the Loyalty of a Staffy and the Speed of a Greyhound What More Could You ask in a Dog??

20140123 01:07 pm
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Indy is a Cockapoo. Very loving and great with kids, very loyal but full on all the time. Loves Agility training and flyball. Great dog would rec the breed for a family, just remember they need a lot of exercise, but would not change him he is our forever dog

20161030 09:23 pm
Bucks, United Kingdom

Hi.I have a staff cross whilst.he is the most loving dog ever.when I was surching to regime a dog I was told every where not to if you are planning on having a the end last place I never told them and we got Bronson.when I brought new baby home he licked him half to death and four years on they are bestest buddies.Bronson loves everyone has never ran off.he is awsome.he is now nearly 7ish we reakon.we were told he was hard work and kept escaping.not surprised after we took him for first of lead walk with a ball,poor thing didn't know what to do when we through it just looked at us

20150730 01:16 pm
Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Trigger is a crossbreed Labrador GSD, best of both breeds - wouldn't be without him

20121001 10:06 pm
Powys, United Kingdom

Ziggy has a gorgeous, friendly, fun personality. Her mum was a white boxer and her dad a working Welsh border collie. Luckily the white gene in her mother caused no deafness in any of her puppies. However, as a precaution, Ziggy has not had puppies. Ziggy has the playful boxer personality but the protective, intelligence of the border collie. A perfect match. We love her.

20080812 03:17 pm
Essex, United Kingdom

As my jacket 's transfer says:-
Life is better with a Goldendoodle (or two)

20170210 11:10 am
West Midlands, United Kingdom

Stanley is a cross bull mastiff x boxer ..big lad but very laid back until he goes for walk then it is all your strength to hold on to that lead

20140724 10:33 am
West Midlands, United Kingdom

My recued crossbreed King Charles/Collie is the best little dog I could possibly have and I have had some wonderful dogs purebred and crossbred
She is terrific guard dog, very friendly and works fetches ,plays and is an obedient companion

20170427 04:33 pm
North Ayrshire, United Kingdom

Our labradoodle Keera' has a great nature, very friendly loves likes meeting people and their dogs and she'd would play all day

20170605 05:38 pm
Cumbria, United Kingdom

I own a crossbreed Staffie x whippet (I think - but her parentage is uncertain). She is probably the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. She invents her own games and understands a huge vocabulary. She hates the television, as a previous one kept 'dropping out' and making digital crackling noises. So I have to tell her when I want to watch tv and she takes herself off into the other room.

20170417 09:16 pm
United Kingdom

Alfie is a Cockerpoo, all the same breed I have met are just so so socialable, child, adult and animal friendly. Fabulous fabulous pets and best friends🐶🐾

20140125 09:19 am
cornwall, United Kingdom

Best dogs ever owned currently got a rescue from Romania found in a bin, and she is such a sweet kind dog x

20171008 10:54 am
Nottinghamshire , United Kingdom

Annie is a 16yrs young border collie x sheltie and is the funniest most loyal dog and was so easy to house train in fact she got the hang of it in just one day. Aside from being neutered and her jabs she has only ever visited the vets once due to a cracked tooth x breeds seem to be less prone to the afflictions of pedigrees I would recommend one to anybody great dogs just because they don’t have a posh tag doesn’t make them any less of a dog

20170223 07:41 pm
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

I have 2 crossbreeds, a Cavachon (K.C. Cavalier & Bichon Frise) and a Malshi (Maltese & Shih Tzu).
Both are amazing little dogs, they have such great temperaments and such fun. Non shedding and so loving.

20070301 04:53 am
Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

We have a real mixed breed a mongrel they used to be called, it doesn't sound nice but it is what it is. And we love her just a much. We have no idea what she is as she is a rescue dog from Romania about 8 months old now she came to us on 1st Oct. 2017 She had never been in a house until now, is very scared of most things however is starting to love life. Especially when she's got her big sister and brother around(our existing dogs) I for one will never buy into a pedigree dog again. The breeding has got completely out of control and it's horrific how the bitches are kept. Why did I get a dog from Romania and not from a rescue centre in UK.......we don't generally torture and skin our strays alive. Sadly this is what happens in Romania.

20171130 05:27 pm
Durham, United Kingdom

Evie is a mastiff X rescue dog we've had her almost 3 years now she was around 4 months old when we rescued her. She's absolutely gorgeous

20171231 02:40 pm
Staffordshire, United Kingdom

We have Tilly as the youngest member of our family. She's 4 years old, her dad was an Alaskan Malamute and her mum was a Staffy/Ridgeback cross. She's the most loyal, sensitive and devoted little girl. Not much use as a guard dog generally since she welcomes people into her home enthusiastically, though when someone acts suspiciously or approaches too quickly she does make sure you're safe by putting herself between you and the threat. She loves to play and run in the woods chasing squirrels back to their trees (thankfully never catching them). Swimming is one of her favourite pastimes as is approaching complete strangers with a beautiful smile and a wagging tale as though she's known them for years - she makes lots of human friends this way!
She's a little nervous of cats, they're scary, ferocious 'little crazy dogs' to her so she keeps her distance.
She's such a clever and sensitive little soul, learning new games and tricks very quickly. She has the beautiful doggie sadness detector and will come running to give kisses and hugs whenever she detects that someone is upset.
I could go on all day, obviously I'm biased as all dog owners are, but she's added so much love to our lives and made them immeasurably better in so many ways. There's nothing we wouldn't do for her ... and of course she knows this!

20170330 11:18 am
United Kingdom

Emma is a lab x border collie x staff. She is as nutty as she is unique - 13 years young and still acts like a pup. A fierce friend to my 5 & 7 yr old children & a wonderful loyal companion to me. Can be ignorant at times but hey who isn't? Also she protects the family cat

20170330 11:18 am
United Kingdom

Emma is a lab x border collie x staff. She is as nutty as she is unique - 13 years young and still acts like a pup. A fierce friend to my 5 & 7 yr old children & a wonderful loyal companion to me. Can be ignorant at times but hey who isn't? Also she protects the family cat from other cats & dogs. Emma isn't a fan of the sea but she loves a run on the beach. She isn't a fair weather walker either - come hail or sunshine she loves nothing more than a run about playing with balls, plastic bottles & sticks. Such a happy, loving & gentle soul