Many people 'abuse the use of training collars'

Thursday, 23rd August 2012

Many people do not realise training collars are a transitional tool to help train a dog and abuse their use, an expert has said.

Amanda Shih, author of, which discusses products for dogs and owners, explained that training collars are helpful for dogs that are dominant, aggressive, untrained and energetic.

She said that they provide optimal control by allowing owners to snap their pets out of unwanted behaviour.

By causing the dog some discomfort, they should teach the animal to stop misbehaving and the owner can then move on to a standard dog collar and lead.

"However, many people abuse the use of training collars and make them permanent fixtures on their dog's necks instead of stepping stones to reach a place where you can walk your dog easily on a standard collar," Ms Shih said.

Speaking about the different types of training collar, she said prong collars are the most popular, but unfortunately are the most mis-used and dangerous.

Prong collars, Ms Shih said, can cause real harm your pet if they are used in anger.