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  • Berriewood Grain-Free Dog Food Image

    Berriewood Grain-Free Dog Food

    18 February 2022 (Last Updated: 22 February 2022) - by in Dogs

    Introducing the NEW Berriewood Grain-Free Dog Food, a naturally nutritious and hypoallergenic choice for dogs with sensitivities. Made with a high proportion of meat (up to 50%) and added ingredients to help support overall health, our recipes will keep your dog looking and feeling their best, while remaining gentle on their digestions. So, what ar...

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  • Easy dental care for cats Image

    Easy dental care for cats

    11 February 2022 (Last Updated: 21 February 2024) - by in Cats

    “Cats” and “dental care” are not words you often see together, probably because cats are not the easiest customers when it comes to routinely brushing their teeth or checking the health of their gums. The thought of prizing your cat’s mouth open, even for a second, is enough to fill anyone with dread, which means many...

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  • A healthy lifestyle in 4 easy steps Image

    A healthy lifestyle in 4 easy steps

    16 December 2021 (Last Updated: 3 January 2023) - by in Pet Care

    We all want our pets to live long and healthy lives, but sometimes achieving all-round health is easier said than done, with so many things to consider. With a new year stretching ahead of us, what better time to take a look at our pet's health (and happiness!) and make changes for the better. While there will be lots of different areas contributin...

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  • Introducing Imoxat Image

    Introducing Imoxat

    14 October 2021 (Last Updated: 11 December 2023) - by in Veterinary Matters

    Imoxat is an anti-parasitic veterinary medication for cats, dogs and ferrets containing imidacloprid and moxidectin These ingredients are effective against fleas, mites and roundworm including lungworm and heartworm. The product comes in a spot on form and is a great option for preventing infestations of these parasites in target animals. The produ...

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  • Introducing Suiseng Diff/A Image

    Introducing Suiseng Diff/A

    14 October 2021 (Last Updated: 19 April 2022) - by in Veterinary Matters

    Suiseng Diff/A is an immunological veterinary medication for pigs containing Clostridioides difficile toxoid A/Clostridioides difficile toxoid B/Clostridium perfringens, type A, alpha toxoid. It is intended to provide passive immunisation of neonatal piglets by inducing active immunisation of breeding sows and gilts. This aims to reduce the clinica...

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  • Ultimate joint protection for optimal range of motion Image

    Ultimate joint protection for optimal range of motion

    30 September 2021 (Last Updated: 16 December 2022) - by Dr Marga Mas DVM PGDip MRCVS (Guest Author) in Horses

    What every horse owner should know about equine osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive disease that involves the breakdown of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. It is one of the major causes of lameness in horses, which in turn is the main cause of wastage in the equine industry. In the UK, one in every five horses requires vete...

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  • Be prepared, and celebrate with safety Image

    Be prepared, and celebrate with safety

    30 September 2021 (Last Updated: 16 December 2022) - by Dr Marga Mas DVM PGDip MRCVS (Guest Author) in Horses

    As the colder months roll around, so does firework season, and whilst these occasions are viewed as a time of relax and recreation, horses might have a different perception. The effect of fireworks in horses has been documented (4): a large study in New Zealand found that the majority of horses (79%) manifested a degree of anxiety around fireworks....

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  • Spotting the signs and effectively treating worms in dogs Image

    Spotting the signs and effectively treating worms in dogs

    10 August 2021 - by Dr Ellen Marcinkiewicz BVSc. MRCVS (Guest Author) in Pet Care

    Your dog can pick up worms without you even realising it, as they often show few (if any) noticeable signs of infection. Left untreated, they can pose a health risk to your dog and family. How do dogs get worms? Dogs can pick up worms from eating contaminated soil or faeces that contain worm eggs, from infected rodents or fleas that carry worm lar...

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  • Introducing Strangvac Image

    Introducing Strangvac

    1 July 2021 (Last Updated: 22 February 2023) - by in Veterinary Matters

    Strangvac is an immunological medicine which induces active immunisation in horses against Streptococcus equi acute infection (AKA Equine Strangles). It can be used from 8 months of age and works to reduce the clinical signs of the disease in acute stages of infection. This includes reducing the number of submandibular and retropharyngeal lymph nod...

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  • Introducing Fatrovax RHD Image

    Fatrovax RHD is a vaccination containing rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus 1 (RHDV1) recombinant capsid protein VP1a and rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2) recombinant capsid protein VP1ab. When administered Fatrovax RHD stimulates active immunity against RHDV1 and RHDV2. The medication can be administered from as early as 28 days old, ons...

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