Walk your pup 'in a natural environment'

Wednesday, 27th April 2011

Owners who have trouble relaxing should consider popping on their dog collar and lead and taking their pooch out for a walk in a natural environment.

GP Dr William Bird, Natural England's strategic health advisor, has revealed that walking in a natural place will help people to de-stress.

He said: "When the brain is constantly bombarded with traffic and noise, it is not able to recoup and restore itself, and suffers constant stress which contributes to ageing.

"Walking in a green environment ... where you can hear birds and see trees and nature, allows the brain to restore its level of concentration."

Owners who walk their pooch on a regular basis may also be pleased to hear that Dr Bird suggests people build walking into their everyday lives, as this makes exercise easier.

According to recent research by a scientist at the University of Illinois, a walk in the park is an essential component for good health.