Walk older pets more regularly to boost health

Friday, 17th June 2011

British pet owners should walk their older pooch on a dog collar and lead more regularly in order to boost the animal's health, according to an expert.

Lisa Hartman, writing for the Biscayne Times, revealed that many older dogs suffer from incontinence but these can often be remedied by simply getting the mutt outside of the house more often.

She said: "With an older pet, simply adding a few more walks to the daily schedule, or adding additional time to each walk, may remedy the problem. Sometimes your pet's body is simply growing weary

"It is up to you to have the compassion to help them through this new phase of life."

Ms Hartman added that many dogs are considered "seniors" at the age of seven and generally start to develop health problems shortly after.

Once pet owners spot a physical problem with their pet, such as a bad tooth or arthritis, they should take them to the vets, she stated.