Supply cats with FIV with scratching posts, expert suggests

Wednesday, 30th March 2011

Owners who have a kitty with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) should consider buying a cat scratch post for their pet.

That is according to an article in the Edinburgh Evening News, which was written in response to a reader question.

The reader has recently discovered that their cat had FIV, an infection that is related to the human immunodeficiency virus HIV. It is normally transmitted through cat bites.

They were interested in finding out what to expect from the disease.

In response, the news provider wrote: "FIV-positive cats that go outside could infect cats in the neighbourhood.

"For this reason, cats with FIV should live indoors. You will need to provide yours with lots of things to keep him occupied so he doesn't get bored. Get a tall and sturdy scratching post, litter tray and give him daily opportunities to play games, such as with fishing rod-type toys."

It also advised the owner to discuss a care plan with their vet as there is no cure for FIV.

FIV was first found in 1986 in a colony of cats that had a high occurrence of opportunistic infections and degenerative diseases.