Smokers told to give up for their pets

Friday, 24th June 2011

Smokers from Doncaster have been urged to consider the health of their pets and give up their habit.

According to the BBC, a new campaign has been launghed by the Doncaster Stop Smoking Service, targeting smokers who own domestic pets.

Posters have been put up at vets' surgeries, pet shops and grooming parlours to highlight the dangers of second-hand smoke to animals.

Maryanne Wylde, from the Stop Smoking Service, told the news provider: "We hope the posters will make smokers think about the damage they might be doing to their pets.

"Most people are aware of the damage second-hand smoke can do to humans, but they perhaps do not realise it is also harmful to animals."

As well as lung cancer, breathing difficulty and heart problems, pets – especially cats and dogs – can develop eye problems if they are exposed to too much smoke.

If animals do become sick, then pet meds can be very expensive if owners do not have a pet insurance policy in place.