Sheep and dog help their owner get married

Monday, 6th August 2012

A sheep and a dog have helped their owner to get married by acting as page boy and flower girl.

Gillian McMillan got married in Ayrshire on Friday (August 3rd) and her two best friends, Lucky the sheep and Fifi the miniature husky, took centre stage at the event, reports the Daily Record.

She told the news provider: "I think my guests were a bit ­surprised when a trailer turned up with Lucky inside.
“Fifi and Lucky are the only pets we have and they are very much part of the family. There was no way I could ­celebrate my special day without having them here."

She added that the two pets became best friends after Lucky had to be nursed back to health after his mother died just hours after giving birth.

Since this point, the duo have become best friends and enjoy going for walks together, with Lucky thinking he is a dog.

To celebrate their owners marriage, Lucky wore a black bow tie and Fifi had a pink ribbon tied around her neck.