Quarter of Brits sharing bed with their pet

Monday, 6th June 2011

It may be a good idea for pet owners to invest in luxury dog beds as new research shows a quarter of Brits let their four-legged friend sleep with them.

The research by ICM found that 16 per cent even let their pet sleep under the duvet with them.

Elaine Pendlebury, senior vet surgeon at the PDSA, commented on the findings, telling the BBC that while it is nice people are bonding with their pets, there are dangers to doing so.

She told the news provider: "There are diseases that can be transmitted from dogs to people and this is something that needs particular consideration when you've got a dog sleeping in your bed."

Ms Pendelbury added that the other danger is that dogs could become more aggressive with their owners because they may end up experiencing separation anxiety.

The findings showed that 51 per cent of owners said they would never allow their pet to sleep with them.