Puss reveals penchant for Asda

Tuesday, 30th August 2011

Rather than playing with cat scratch posts and pet toys, one puss from Edinburgh has revealed an unusual pastime - hanging out at Asda.

The lazy ginger cat, named Pixie, has become so popular that one fan even set up a page on social networking website Facebook, named Asda Cat, which has so far gained 281 members.

According to the Scotsman, the feline can regularly be seen lazing in the shopping trolleys, baskets and wheelchairs, with the cat having visited the store almost every day for a year.

John Boswell, 23, who created the Facebook page, told the news provider: "I started taking pictures because no-one would believe me but then people started posting more pictures and it grew from there.

"He's mostly seen in the foyer where they have a picnic table and benches in the summer ... He's definitely lazy and is always sleeping or waiting for you to come and pet him."

Posting on the Facebook page, Pixie's owner, Jennifer Loy, revealed that her furry friend is getting fat from all the people who feed him cat food treats.

Ms Loy noted that she may be in trouble with the vets on their next trip!