Puppy training 'should begin at around 12 weeks'

Friday, 28th September 2012

New dog owners should begin puppy training at about 12 weeks, once they have had their second set of vaccinations and is ready to go out.

That is according to Caroline Kisko, communications officer for the Kennel Club, who said the best way to ensure a dog stays happy is to properly train and socialise it.

Prior to starting puppy training, it is important to start to socialise puppies before 12 weeks by getting lots of people and other vaccinated dogs to come and meet it, she said.

"In a nutshell, the more people and dogs your puppy comes into contact with in the early stages of his life, the more socialised and well-balanced he will be as he becomes an adult," Ms Kisko said.

She added that not training or socialising a dog problem can lead to problems in adulthood, ranging from general misbehaviour to aggression.

For more advice, Ms Kisko recommended the Kennel Club Puppy Handbook, which offers guidance about training and socialisation.