Pet tracker keeps animal on an electronic leash

Monday, 19th September 2011

A new device designed to help pet owners keep track of their dogs or cats has been launched onto the market.

Tagg - The Pet Tracker has been purpose built for pets and makes use of technology developed for GPS navigation devices and mobile phones.

The Tagg monitor fits around the animal's collar and features a short-range transmitter that periodically sends a signal to the Tagg integrated base and recharging station to let the owner know their whereabouts of their pet.

Aerial maps and street views from Bing or Google also track the animal's whereabouts on the PC screen or smartphone within ten of 20 yards' accuracy, according to the manufacturers.

The device is water-resistant which makes it ideal for dogs that like to play by the water and when the battery is low, owners will be alerted.

Furthermore, if Tagg falls off, it emits a signal to enable owners to recover the device.