Pet dogs recruited by Humberside Police

Thursday, 15th March 2012

Owners in Humberside whose dogs love playing with pet toys and are mischievous may want to volunteer for a new scheme being run by the police.

The Humberside Police are looking to save £4,000 by recruiting pets as sniffer dogs who will help with drug and cash searches, reports the BBC.

New recruits will be given five weeks training and the police have already had 20 owners volunteer their dogs.

Police constable Paul Harrison, a dog handler for the service, told the news provider: "It's just getting the dog into a lot of things that are in everyday homes - cupboards, wardrobes, under a bath, a bed or the sofa.

"So we want dogs that are mischievous, a bit of a hooligan to be able to jump up on furniture."

Ashley Dixon, who owns rescue dog Freddie, volunteered her pet because she thought he would get a "very good life".

The dogs should be between 12 and 24 months and have a strong urge to search and play with a ball.