Owners protest over dog walking ban

Monday, 18th April 2011

Owners in Fishguard and Goodwick are strapping on their pooch's dog collar and lead and protesting over proposals to ban dogs from the beach this summer.

According to the BBC, Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council is planning to ban dogs from the beach, promenade and car park at the Parrog in Goodwick, during the warmer months to "make sure children [are] safe".

The restriction would run between May and September and dog owners have already staged a protest by walking their dogs on the beach on Saturday (April 16th).

Cliff Benson, a dog owner who runs the Sea Trust charity, told the news provider: "Most of us are responsible. The ones that are not are likely to ignore the ban anyway."

However, deputy mayor Richard Davies is quoted as saying: "We had children last year who picked up dog muck, and parents said 'why can't we be like other beaches and ban dogs during the summer?'"

People have until May 5th to provide their thoughts on this issue to the local council.