New line of sleeping solutions for pets unveiled

Tuesday, 20th September 2011

Manufacturing company Sleep Innovation has launched a new range of products aimed at helping pets sleep better.

The line includes a range of memory foam products for dogs, cats and other domestic animals including beds and crate mats in a range of fun shapes and sizes.

Using innovative memory foam technology, the products are ideal for dealing with arthritis in dogs and provide pressure point relief to ease joint pain and discomfort while a pet sleeps.

One of the products in the line, Pet Lounge, is filled with memory foam micro cushions and ensures a good night's sleep for small, medium-sized and large dogs.

Meanwhile, foam Pet Mats are designed in a range of fun shapes including goldfish and fire hydrants to fit the floor of a pet crate.

Mike Loomis, executive vice-president of business and product development, said: "Whether pampering your pet, providing extra comfort due to age or a breed's special needs, pets deserve quality sleep surfaces for a restful sleep."