Jack Russell reveals unusual hobby

Wednesday, 9th March 2011

A Jack Russell has become the UK's first dog to have taken up paragliding as a hobby.

Unlike most dogs, who settle for being taken out for walks with a traditional dog collar and lead, four-year-old terrier, named The General enjoys taking to the skies, reports the Metro.

Jimmy Rimski, the dog's owner, is an Army helicopter pilot from King's Lynn, Norfolk.

He told the news provider: "I took him up as a puppy and he loved it from the first moment.

"Now he gets really excited every time I fly, wagging his tail and jumping up. Some people give me funny looks but I think most people like the idea. He's a bossy, funny little terrier."

Mr Rimski added that his pooch has done more hours in the air than most paragliders and that he has a log book where all his flights are recorded.

In order to paraglide, The General sits in his owner's lap in a dog harness that has been specially adapted.