Give mourning cat 'plenty of attention'

Tuesday, 14th August 2012

To help a cat in mourning, owners should make their pets feel as relaxed as possible and give them plenty of attention, a vet has said.

Pete Wedderburn, writing for the Daily Telegraph, was contacted by a reader who had two cats. After 15 years, one of them developed stomach cancer and had to be put down.

Now, the other cat has appears "lost" and walks around looking for the cat who passed away.

The vet explained that the animal’s death has caused a huge change to the other's life and it will take time for him to get used to his new environment.

He wrote: "Make life as comfortable as possible for him. Set up a heated bed, with a Feliway pheromone diffuser beside it to help him feel relaxed and de-stressed. Try to give him plenty of attention."

Dr Wedderburn also noted that pet meds, such as anxiolytic drugs, could help but that the owner should speak to their vet about this option.