Get pet insurance right first time, expert claims

Monday, 6th June 2011

People who enjoy splashing out on Kong dog toys and luxury dog beds must make sure they have taken out a pet insurance policy that covers their four-legged friend.

Mike Powell, of financial research company Defaqto, told Melanie Wright from the Daily Mirror that the results of taking out the wrong policy can be severe.

He said: "It is critical to get the decision right first time.

"If a pet develops a life-long condition but its owner took out a policy only providing limited cover, changing it will be difficult due to the pre-existing condition and the owner will have to meet the full cost of treatment indefinitely."

Phil Paterson-Fox, head of pet insurance at, added that while it is tempting to see pet insurance as a luxury rather than a necessity, it will be much harder to find thousands of pounds to pay for treatment after an accident.

A spokesperson from the Kennel Club recently said that dog owners need to know that they can afford to care for their pooch properly because they are an important family member.