Fifth of dogs enjoy soap operas

Monday, 14th February 2011

A number of owners may have noticed that their pooch does express much interest in dog chew toys while soap operas are on TV.

This is because one in five dogs regularly sits in front of the television when the theme tune of their favourite soap comes on - and do not move for the duration of the show.

That is according to research by, which revealed that nine in ten dogs in the UK like to watch TV regularly and that two thirds of owners claim they are convinced their pooch loves watching the box.

Nikki Sellers, Head of Pet Insurance and the firm, said: "This research indicates that the dog/human divide narrows in front of the TV with many dogs as in tune with the TV and 'what’s on' as their owners are.

"Pawing remote controls, barking at dramas and howling when a favourite programme comes on suggests an emotional reaction as strong as that of human TV lovers."

The research revealed that EastEnders was the show most watched by dogs, which was followed by The Dog Whisperer and X-Factor.