Edinburgh to introduce licence for walkies

Wednesday, 6th March 2013

Professional dog walkers may soon find themselves being denied access to local parks in Edinburgh if they don't fork out for a licence.

The city council says anyone who earns money for walking other people's dogs - including children earning pocket money for doing so - will have to buy public liability insurance for around £140 a year in order to qualify for the new licence.

In addition, the new rules - which were passed at the end of January - stipulate that no one can walk more than eight dogs at a time in an attempt to make sure people don't enter parks with more animals than they can realistically handle.

Environmental wardens will also be on patrol to make sure owners clean up after their pets, with the power to revoke licences if rules are not followed.

If you're worried about how to keep your pet under control when out for walkies then you may want to invest in a new dog collar and lead with a slightly longer length, allowing you to stay in command without worrying about stifling your pet too much.