Dogs will 'benefit' from pet jackets in the winter

Monday, 31st January 2011

Dogs will significantly benefit if they sport pet jackets during the winter, it has been claimed.

Tammy Zaluzney, a US-based pet expert, expressed her belief that, similar to humans, dogs need to wrap up warm for the cold weather.

She wrote on the Elkridge Patch website: "If you have a short-coated dog, sweaters and coats are not just for fashion.

"A dog with shorter fur, particularly those dogs who are older or thin, will benefit from wearing a warm coat when out in the cold."

Ms Zaluzney added that dogs should be kept on a leash when outside as there are numerous safety hazards around during the winter.

For example, icy roads may lead to injury while frozen rivers could give way if animals were to run onto them.

Although de-icing products can keep walkways clear, they can be tough on animals feet so Ms Zaluzney advises purchasing specialist dog boots for their pets to protect them from any harmful chemicals.