Dogs Trust launches new scheme for left handers

Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Left-handed dog walkers can rejoice because Dogs Trust has launched a new initiative which will make it easier for them to walk their canines.

In line with the European Commission's equality directive aimed at giving equal opportunities to left-handed dog walkers, the charity must make sure that a certain proportion of their hounds are available to the left-handed population.

Dogs Trust's network of 18 rehoming centres across the country must now ensure that 11 per cent of its dogs are trained to the specifications of left-handed walkers.

The scheme has been introduced gradually since the start of the year and so far 300 hounds have been rehomed with left-handed owners as a result.

Since January, the charity has reported an 82 per cent hike in left-handed volunteers.

Volunteer dog walker at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury April Fuller said: "I am so grateful to Dogs Trust for going the extra mile by training dogs to respond to left-handed dog owners as it makes walks so much more enjoyable for me."