Dog walker falls down uncovered manhole

Tuesday, 29th November 2011

A woman from Worcestershire who was out walking her pet on its dog collar and lead had a lucky escape after falling down an uncovered manhole.

Both Chris Long and her Golden Retriever fell 12 feet down the manhole. She was able to climb out and some people passing by in a car helped her get the dog out, reports the Daily Mail.

She also had another dog with her that did not fall down the hole. Ms Long said the experience was "traumatising".

"The hole was so deep that even a twisted ankle would have prevented me getting out,” she told the news provider.

"Ironically, I walked that way for safety reasons as it is not my normal dog walking route. I did not see the uncovered hole in the dark and it felt like I was plummeting down a mine shaft."

It is thought that thugs removed the shaft cover thinking it was made of metal that they could sell for scrap, but abandoned the plan when they realised it was made of concrete.

Manhole covers are designed to prevent accidental or unauthorised access to the manhole.