Dog snatching couple fined

Wednesday, 20th April 2011

Owners across the country will be pleased to hear that a couple who snatched dogs have been fined £10,000 and made to give back the dog they pinched.

The Black Labrador, named Bella, was pinched from Aneta Fairbairn Millward, who was walking the pooch on a dog collar and lead on behalf of her owner Victoria Huxster.

Ian and Leslye Jourdan-Whittaker hired investigator Colin Butcher to snatch the dog, which they had given away 18 months beforehand.

According to the Daily Mail, the judge said that Ms Huxter, who lives in Battersea, London, had rights to the dog.

She is quoted as saying: "'Although Bella, for the purposes of the law, can be described as goods, it is quite plain that she is irreplaceable.

"This is not the judgment of Solomon. One can't cut the dog in half.'
Mr and Mrs Jourdan-Whittaker have been told they must not try to take Bella again and must pay £10,000 within 14 days.