Destress your cat by securing its territory

Thursday, 11th October 2012

Cat owners who believe their animal may be stressed out should examine the root of the problem, according to one vet.

Writing in his weekly Metro column, TV vet Joe Inglis reminded pet lovers that 'cats are very susceptible to stress, particularly in relation to their territories'.

If a cat feels frustrated in this way it will often overgroom as a means of relieving stress through repetitive and reassuring behaviour, effectively licking itself bald.

'My advice would be to take a look at what could be upsetting your cat – and this is most likely to be other cats getting into the garden or house,' Mr Inglis wrote.

He suggested owners can help to reduce stress through the use of cat-proof fencing around the garden and a magnetic cat flap to keep out unwanted visitors. A Feliway pheromone diffuser can also help to relax your feline.