Designer reveals how to make luxury dog beds

Monday, 7th February 2011

Tired of having his furniture ruined by his terrier, Gidget, interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn has developed a way for pet-owners to make their own luxury dog beds.

Mr Patrick Flynn, a home makeover TV show producer, interior designer and the creator of Decor Demon, has created the Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed.

In a blog post on home design website, the interiors expert wrote: "While I totally adore HER, the snowy mess her coat leaves on my dark brown velvet upholstery, notsomuch.

"I thought long and hard about ways to create something custom that would be fun and comfy without breaking the bank. The result? A repurposed dog bed made from a vintage suitcase."

Mr Patrick Flynn goes on to give a step-by-step account of how to create your very own vintage dog bed from an old suitcase.

The bed is finished off with a cushion. The designer suggests that while the options are limitless for a dog that does not shed, pet owner's whose pooches leave a trail of fur should consider busy and graphic patterns.