Beware of dangers posed by reservoirs

Friday, 8th March 2013

Dog owners who regularly take their pets for walks near reservoirs are advised to be extra vigilant and perhaps consider keeping their animal on a leash in order to prevent them from falling in.

In an interview with the Boston Standard, pet lover Linda Leigh told of how her Welsh collie Lilly had to be rescued by a fire crew after she fell into a reservoir in Algarkirk and could not get out.

Speaking of the dangers posed by reservoirs to animals and humans alike, Ms Leigh said: "Because the sides are sloped and covered in plastic, there is nothing for an animal or person to pull themselves out on."

Owners who live close to reservoirs or lakes may therefore want to think about choosing a new route for their daily walk in order to limit the possibility of their dog getting into trouble, or at the very least should keep a watchful eye on their pet when in close proximity to water.