Battersea embroiled in Bonfire Night debacle

Monday, 5th November 2012

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have issued a statement after a TV mix-up found them accidentally supporting Bonfire Night fashion for dogs.
Appearing on ITV1's This Morning, the charity was under the impression it would be contributing to a section on winter fashion for children and dogs.

However, the focus was altered to 'Bonfire Night fashion' without Battersea's knowledge, giving viewers the impression it's a good idea to take your canine out to enjoy the fireworks.

As Battersea has made clear in their statement, it isn't – owners are encouraged to keep their animals indoors, using calming music, pet food and toys to keep them as relaxed as possible. Blacking out your windows may also help owners to keep their dogs and cats composed.

A public information film about pets and Guy Fawkes' Night has been included on the Viovet Facebook page, with practical advice for owners.