Animal lover sets up Birmingham's first pet crematorium

Thursday, 18th August 2011

An animal lover from Birmingham has set up the city's first pet crematorium and people who use the service can have their beloved four-legged friend cremated with their favourite pet toy.

Amanda Pickard decided to set up the business after her own dog died and she wanted to do something special rather than leaving the vet to deal with it, reports

She told the news provider: "I was devastated when I lost Em ... It wouldn't have been right to just leave her at the vet.

"I think people like the fact that it's just me.

"I can add the little touches like cremating the pet with their favourite toy which you just wouldn't get at a vets."

Ms Pickard revealed that she has had one client so far. A family bought their cat in which had been buried in the garden, as they were moving house and didn't want to leave the moggy behind.

She runs Sunset Pets from her home in Kings Heath.