Actress enlists help of pet psychic

Thursday, 5th May 2011

Actress Kaley Cuoco has enlisted the help of a pet psychic in order to deal with her unruly dog.

The Big Bang Theory starlet was appearing on a US TV show when a pet psychic, Patrice Ryan, came on to explain why her pup was behaving badly.

According to the psychic, Cuoco needed to invest in a new dog collar and lead as the pooch did not like the one she has.

Ryan said: "She doesn't like that collar ... She wants something that when it gets wet it dries quicker ... she thinks that one's a little poor quality ... You're gonna have to cough it up sister ...

"She wants it to be, like, a deep shade or purple.... and she wants like a whole girl thing, like a harness."

The psychic also explained that Cuoco's disciplinary actions were causing the bad behaviour so she needed to relax somewhat.