Battersea backs compulsory microchipping

Tuesday, 21st February 2012

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has said that there is a "desperate need" for compulsory microchipping to help tackle irresponsible dog ownership.

Speaking in the House of Lords, Lord Taylor recently suggested that serious consideration is being given to the introduction of such measures.

However, while Battersea welcomed these comments, it also said that it is not the only answer to Britain’s dog control problems.

Rob Jervis-Gibbons, Battersea’s Public Affairs Manager, said: "There is a desperate need for compulsory microchipping to be made a legal requirement and for this to be backed up by an enforceable system to monitor and check compliance.

"But beyond this we need to see local authorities being given more funding and powers to tackle the issue in their communities as well as greater education on responsible ownership."

The charity noted that 72 per cent of the dogs that come to Battersea do not have a microchip, making it virtually impossible to track down their owners.

A couple from Devon recently highlighted the importance of microchipping after they were reunited with their cat after it went missing for three years.