Microchips explained by expert

Thursday, 7th June 2012

An expert has explained exactly how microchips work as part of National Microchipping Month, which is taking place throughout June.

Natasha Kleanthous, editor of the Blue Cross, said that many much loved pets never get reunited with their owners because there is no way of tracing them back.

A microchip is a device slightly larger than a grain of rice that is implanted under the back of an animal's neck.

This chip has a unique number that contains the owner's details, so when scanned they can be contacted immediately.

Ms Kleanthous wrote: "A special device is used to inject the microchip under the skin. It’s a quick procedure that shouldn’t hurt any more than a regular vaccination.

"Your local vet should be able to microchip your pet and it usually costs around £20 to £30."

National Microchipping Month is organised by the Kennel Club to promote Petlog, which has a database of over six million animals. The event has now been running for nine years.