High quality dog food 'provide long-term benefits'

Wednesday, 23rd February 2011

Owners should buy high quality dog food because the long-term benefits doing so provides outweighs the extra cost.

That is according to an article on The Rambler, which suggests that feeding your pooch high-quality dog food will keep them healthy, meaning you will spend less on pet medication and vet bills.

Lindsey Nuncio, kennel technician for Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, told the news provider: "You'll notice the difference in their coat, and there will be less faeces to pick up. Overall, proper nutrition is part of being a responsible dog owner."

The article suggests that some brands that produce lower-quality dog food will include ingredients such as corn and wheat, which have very little to no nutritional value.

However, it also notes that you should allow your pooch to adjust to its new high-quality dog food by mixing their old food with the new for a few days.

This allows the dog's stomach to adapt to the change more easily, it states.