French dog refuses to learn English

Thursday, 17th March 2011

A dog who lived in France for the first years of his life will only respond to orders if they are given in his native language - and in the correct accent.

Henri, the four-year-old black Labrador, will not respond to his owner Craig Burton unless he is spoken to in French, reports the Daily Mail.

The pup has also taken to the French diet, and enjoys dog food consisting of cheese, figs and olives.

Mr Burton has, therefore, had to learn a number of phrases in French in order to communicate with his pooch - which has gathered some attention while Mr Burton walks Henri out and about with a dog collar and lead.

He told the news provider: "When we are out on a walk I get some very strange looks when I put on this French accent and talk to Henri.

"If you tell him to do anything in English he just stares back blankly and doesn't move ... As long as you say something in French with a French accent he's very obedient, he's a smashing dog."