Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get Cocker Spaniel

Thursday, 2nd February 2012

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will now have to add dog food to their weekly shopping list after getting a Cocker Spaniel puppy.

The puppy, who is a few months old, is now living in the couple’s home in Wales but its name is yet to be released.

According to the Daily Mail, a spokeswoman for the royals said: "He is a private pet and they do not want his name to be made public although the couple are happy to confirm that they do, indeed, have a new dog."

An aide added that while the sex of the dog is unknown at the moment, it was bred from a family dog mating with one belonging to another breeder.

It was also revealed that the couple have had the dog since December.

The royal family are well-known for their fondness of dogs. The Queen has had Corgis for many years, while Prince William had a black Labrador called Widgeon when he was younger.