Bo-bama gets asked on a date

Friday, 22nd March 2013

Baracka Obama's pet Portuguese water dog, Bo, has been asked out on a date by goldendoodle named Ramona.

The love-struck pet, who is being looked after by the Oregon Humane Society, appears in a video produced by the animal charity in which she requests the attendance of the 'First Dog' at an upcoming fundraising event.

As one might expect, getting through to the presidential pup proves rather tricky for Ramona, who receives no reply to her Twitter and Facebook messages, and later fails in an attempt to contact Bo by phone before eventually deciding to write him a letter which reads: "Dear Bo Obama, You are cordially invited to serve as Grand Dog Marshal of the Oregon Humane Society 2013 Doggie Dash. And marry Ramona, if you like."

Pets will be donning their party hats and chowing down on all sorts of dog treats at the event on May 11th, although no confirmation has been given as to whether or not Bo will take time out from his important duties to attend the party.