All pups to be microchipped?

Tuesday, 26th April 2011

People who are considering investing in dog food and getting a pup may be interested to hear that their new pet may have to be microchipped.

Under proposed government regulations, all dogs will have to be microchipped upon changing ownership, it has been revealed.

A consultation document said: "The compulsory microchipping of dogs on change of ownership would affect anyone breeding dogs for sale or gifting to another person or persons."

Under the proposed regulations, every puppy born will have an electronic chip implanted under its skin. Details about the dog would then be placed on a national database that would be made accessible by the RSPCA and the police.

However, critics of the proposals say that this will unfairly penalise Britain's law abiding dog owners as people who own dangerous dogs will take no notice of the rules.

It costs around £35 to have an animal microchipped and the procedure is carried out by vets.