Training could help Snowball the cat stop attacking postmen

Wednesday, 11th April 2012

The owner of Snowball the cat may want to start training her to stop her from attacking the postmen who want to deliver letters.

Snowball has 'attacked' three postmen giving them deep cuts leading the Royal Mail to ban letters from being delivered to the house in Cambridge.

According to the Metro, the black and white cat has been deemed as a 'health and safety risk' by the Royal Mail.

However, Snowball's owner Ian Wilkinson is surprised by this ban claiming it is "ridiculous".

He told the newspaper: "I have never seen her attack a person. Sometimes she sniffs people's feet when they come over for dinner – that's as vicious as she gets."

Mr Wilkinson may however need to train his cat to curb her aggressive behaviour as he will receive no post until he combats the problem.

Cats can be trained just like dogs and it is important to reward them with something they like, according to Cats Protection

Owners can supplement their pet's healthy cat food with treats, such as prawns or chicken, when they behave properly and non-aggressively.

It is also key to keep cat training short and sweet as they will easily get bored.