Specialised food could help your cat’s thyroid problem

Tuesday, 23rd October 2012

Cat food that is specially designed to support your animal’s thyroid health could be a less expensive way for owners to help felines with hyperthyroidism, according to one vet.

Writing in his weekly Metro column, TV vet Joe Inglis responded to a query about how to best deal with thyroid problems, as the cost of a monthly checkup and 30 days worth of tablets is around £50. 

‘Hyperthyroidism is a relatively common condition in older cats,’ wrote Joe Inglis, causing the animal’s metabolic rate to spike and prompting increased appetite and thirst, weight loss, behavioural changes, increased vocalisation and in some cases chronic diarrhoea.

Pet prescription pills such as Vidalta and Felimazole can be one solution – and are often cheaper online. Surgery to remove one or both thyroid glands is also possible.

Finally Hills cat food, specifically the Hills y/d line, is a relatively new way to control thyroid problems. The expert identifies this as ‘one of the most cost-effective ways of treating the problem’.

Owners should ensure they receive a proper diagnosis from their vet before purchasing any products.