Rescuing pets after Superstorm Sandy

Thursday, 15th November 2012

Keeping a pet can be stressful at times, but spare a thought for those animal-lovers stateside who are still mopping up after Superstorm Sandy recently tore a path of destruction across the east coast.

A recent report from CNN focused on the efforts of specialist rescue crews to help domestic animals affected by the disaster.

Robert Misseri and his team from Guardians of Rescue have been on patrol in Staten Island trying to find, feed and save pets. They've rescued around 100 cats so far, some suffering from shock, stress and both external and internal injuries. Seawater on the lungs has been one problem, as water levels rose so dramatically during the storm.

Mr Misseri also enlisted the support of his friend Hush, a Detroit hip hop artist who secured nearly 8,000 pounds of dog food and cat food plus pet cages and beds to benefit displaced animals. Hush and volunteers went door to door seeking abandoned pets and dropping off food and supplies.

Flooding can pose a serious threat to pets, and many parts of the UK suffer from their poor infrastructure at this time of year. Owners are advised to take what precautions they can against flooding if they are in a susceptible area, and should microchip their pet if possible.