Furry felines not so friendly

Monday, 3rd December 2012

No one can resist the sight of a fluffy kitten, but new research shows that the cutest pets might not necessarily be quite so pleased to see you.

A recent study by the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour into the friendliness of different breeds of cat towards people has revealed the hairless sphynx to be the most affable, while the popular moggie turned out to be the grumpiest.

Owners were asked a series of questions about their cats' behaviour, such as how it reacted when they entered a room, how likely it was to avoid them and how often it rubbed up against them.

In general, pedigree breeds such as Persians, Russian blues and exotic shorthairs were found to be friendlier than non-pedigrees.

Of course there is always one sure-fire way to stay in your cat's good books, by making sure it is well looked-after, healthy and well fed with the right pet food.