Cats set to invade Monopoly

Friday, 8th February 2013

The continued invasion of cats into nearly every corner of human life continued apace this week, with the news that our feline friends will now feature in the world's most famous board game: Monopoly.

First created in 1935, the popular game has long-been something of a feline-free haven. Players are tasked with building up and trading property across a board of familiar streets from the city of London.

But that is set to change, after fans across the world voted for a cat token to replace the previously used iron as a player piece of the board.

This means that our feline friends could soon be lining up alongside iconic playing pieces like the top hat, sports car and battleship.

Speaking to the BBC, Hasbro boss Jonathan Berkowitz said: "There are a lot of cat lovers in the world that reached out and voted."

In truth, for some cat lovers the move is long overdue, with players long able to play the game using a Scottie dog piece.