Cat cafe opens in Vienna

Monday, 14th May 2012

Animal lovers in Vienna, Austria, welcomed a new Japanese-style cafe in the city centre earlier this month where cats are a permanent fixture.

The Cafe Neko allows customers to play with the five cats Sonja, Thomas, Moritz, Luca and Moma, who came from an animal shelter, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Owner Takako Ishimitsu, who is originally from Japan, said she wanted to introduce some aspects of Japanese culture to the city.

Cat Cafes are popular in Japan, often because people living in the city are not allowed to keep their own pets in their apartments.

Ms Ishimitsu said: "Showing unknown Japanese concepts is good for Austria. I had various ideas, and the cat cafe project was the least difficult to realise. And at the same time, I can do something good for the Vienna animal shelter which I have been supporting for years."

She added that the reaction to the cat cafe has been positive overall. The aim of the cafe is to allow people who cannot have cats of their own to enjoy the company of felines.