Halloween is a fun-filled time for the whole family, but when it comes to our pets, the celebrations can be scary and intense, making many uncomfortable and stressed.

You might not think it, but Halloween brings a whole host of potential dangers. From sweets and treats, to candles, costumes and visitors, our four-legged friends can find things very overwhelming, which means extra care needs to be taken to ensure they’re happy and safe.

Hide the treats – if you welcome trick or treaters, chances are there will be chocolate and sweets at the ready for when the doorbell rings. Make sure your pet can’t get at them as we all know the risks of chocolate to pets, as well as some artificial sweeteners.

Be mindful of costumes – most cats and dogs won’t appreciate being dressed up, especially in costumes that are itchy and restrictive. Unless you know for certain your pet doesn’t mind it and you choose an outfit that is comfortable, avoid fancy dress completely. Also, when it comes to your own costume, remember that scary masks and blood-spattered clothing will stress and frighten your pet.

Keep your pet inside – this goes without saying on Halloween as trick or treaters will be out in force and lit pumpkins will be accessible. There may even be the odd early firework or two, so keep cats inside for the night and walk your dog earlier in the day.

Watch candles and decorations – while they help to create a spooky atmosphere, they can be really dangerous to pets. Open flames, smoke machines and hanging decorations can be hazardous in a household without pets, let alone one with cats and dogs.

Provide a safe space – ideally, your pet should have somewhere quiet and comfortable to retreat to when the celebrations get too much. If you can, set your pet up in a room with their bed and toys and keep the doors and windows closed. It will be easier for both of you when visitors do come knocking as your pet won’t escape or get over-excitable or nervous. You may also want to give a calmer such as SettleMe.

Make sure your pet is identifiable – if you’ve moved house recently or changed your contact number, make sure you’ve updated your pet’s microchip details. An ID tag is also a good idea if you’re worried about your pet making a dart for it.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them below for our other readers! Hope you all have a safe and stress-free Halloween!

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Written by: Hannah