There are over 11 million pet owners in the UK alone, and bearing in mind we’re now living in a technological age where everything is advancing at a rate of knots, it makes perfect sense that this extends to the pet industry too - one of the biggest in the world.

So if technology is intended to make lives easier, how are today’s pet owners benefitting, and what new products are coming onto the market for them?

FitBark Dog Activity Tracker:

Now available on our website, the FitBark Dog Activity Tracker works in a similar way to human health and fitness trackers, by monitoring activity, sleep and behavior 24/7.

It allows you to set health goals for your dog, tracks play, miles run, and calories burned, and also allows you to keep an eye on the quality and duration of rest your dog is getting.

For any tech savvy dog owner, this is a great addition to modern living, especially if you have your own fitness monitor that can work alongside it.

Motorola Cameras and GPS Pet Locator:

Many of us worry about our pets when they’re home alone, but with our range of Motorola indoor and outdoor cameras, you can banish those concerns and monitor them while you’re away.

The Motorola SCOUTT73 high-definition outdoor video camera works through wifi and is compatible with any smartphone, tablet or computer.

The same goes for the Motorola Scout 85 indoor pet monitor, which allows remote access to your pet any time of day, as well as alerting you to motion, sound and temperature, and enabling you to capture images and videos to enjoy later.

The Motorola range also includes the nifty Scout 2500 GPS Pet Locator, which allows you to keep tabs on your pet’s whereabouts inside the house and out. Particularly useful if you have a cat that likes to disappear off the grid every so often!

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flaps and Feeders:

Keep out neighbourhood cats while allowing easy access to your own with the innovative Sureflap Microchip Flap and DualScan Flap.

Unlike the standard Sureflap which reads your cat’s microchip and permits entry to that cat alone, the DualScan can be used in multi-cat households (up to 32!) to keep some cats in while allowing others to come and go. In fact, it is the first device of its kind to have a scanner both on the inside and outside of the home!

The Sureflap Microchip Pet Feeder is another useful piece of kit for the multi-cat household. Featuring a sealed bowl that keeps food fresh and free of flies, the feeder is ideal for cats on weight control diets as it stops them having their food stolen or stealing other’s food.

Compatible with all microchips and Sureflap RFID collar tags, the feeder also keeps out intruder cats that may have snuck in without notice and made for the food bowl.

For more information on any of these products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]. Likewise, if you’ve used any of these products yourself, we’d love to hear from you!

Written by: Hannah